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Zoller Laboratories Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address 5742 West Harold Gatty Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
United States
Phone (800) 396-5817
Added 2010-12-29 22:22:16
Yes! Zantrex®-3... America's #1 Selling ?Super Pill? with more weight loss, faster weight loss and energy to burn! And that's great news for everyone who's fed up with diet failure... and sick and tired of diet fatigue.* YES! It's Zantrex®-3... 546% more weight loss? than the leading ephedra-based diet pill... and that's a fact. Here's another fact: Zantrex-3 is way beyond ephedra, way beyond those ?goofy? berries, way beyond everything on the market today... Zantrex-3 is a new category of bifurcated weight loss compounds providing both rapid weight loss and incredible energy combined into a single power-packed Super Pill. New Zantrex-3 is so powerful you won't find it in some supermarket next to some ?Flintrock? vitamin for kiddies.*

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