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Are You a Role Model?

By Igor on Mar 31, 2009 11:00 AM in Tips & Updates

We are constantly delighted and amazed by our members' incredible progress - together we've lost nearly 1.5 million pounds (and counting). Yet, each success story is slightly different; some of you learned how to resist the sweets, others found a trick to avoid the midnight cravings, and some said that teaming up with a diet-buddy also made a huge difference. Basically, many roads lead to Rome, and we are today starting an effort to collect all those tips and experiences and to make them available to our community.

Ever since we started publishing our members' success stories, many of you have asked us how to submit your own stories. In order to streamline this process, we just released a web form that simplifies this process. We encourage all of you to submit your stories, regardless of how many pounds you have lost; we are primarily looking for insightful comments, and we fully understand that not everyone has to lose the same amount of weight, or has already reached their goals.

Here are some of our favorite insights from the stories that we've already published:

  • laurabow:
    "The main way I prevent relapse is to allow myself "cheat days" and regular treats. I also keep pictures of myself at my largest, and an old size 28 pair of jeans to remind myself of how far I've come."
  • juice4155:
    "Taking control of my life and my habits has instilled a sense of pride that I never knew I had. I have become a Certified Personal Trainer to help people that are in the same situation that I was in."
  • sun123:
    "My "Ah Ha!" moment was realizing that the time required to lose the weight would pass anyway. After it passed, I could be unhappily the same size, or I could use the time to reclaim my life.
What's going to be your insight? Share your story with us using our web form or leave your quick thoughts below.


Started working with a diet buddy on January 24, 2009. We weigh in on Wednesday mornings, he is in Reno I am in St. Paul. He is down 17 pounds I am down 20 pounds. A little bit competitive but mostly just encouraging each other. I tried working out 21 days in a row to create a habit. I hit my 60th dayof working out in a row yesterday. If it wasnt for a couple of my buddies encouraging me i would have stopped long ago. Finding the time to work out now just seems to be part of my daily routine.

I must admit I have this system really easy and I have tried a few different things before. The thing I love is that at the start I didn't cut things out I just looked at my daily limit and worked out what I could and couldn't have for the day, so if I had a lower calorie item then I could eat more of that item than having 1 high calorie item.

As I went on I became "calorie aware" so when out eating I automatically knew which food groups will increase my calorie intake and choose options that I love but maybe were less calories.

So I never felt like I was dieting or missing out.  I still had chocolate every day with my lunch as a treat but I only had 2 lines of a high grade chocolate that was tasty and lower calories.

I just find it makes you a smarter eater and you start looking for ways to eat more but for less calories.  And a few weeks on I now have added the challenge that I want my nutrition grade to be B+ or A everyday so now I am challenging myself to make the best choices.

First thing after making some type of committment/Cool effort to change eating/exercise habits  1. get a note book and record your daily doings!!  2.  join TOPS !!  3.  join  TOPS,,  regards  murray f

Love this site. I started this program about two weeks ago. I had already lost 10 pound but since I started Calorie Count I've lost ten more. So much helpful info and it's so easy to keep up with caloric intake and calories burned. I am now more aware of what's good for me and how important exercise is. Thank you calorie count. I know you will help me reach my goal of  140 pounds. Only 20 more to go.

I am glad I found this site. You make it really easy to track my calories and by showing all the nutritional information it will encourage me to maintain a good diet. I also enjoyed browsing the recipe section. Having a low thyroid and over the age of 50 I find my weight tends to fluctuate and my metabolism has slowed down. I have to be really careful with the carbs!  My goal is to lose 15 more pounds.

Thanks for being here! You make losing weight fun!

I started using this site in 2007 and have since lost 23 pounds!  No words can describe how good I feel now.  I'm healthier and mentally happier because I have found a healthy compromise.  I don't necessarily follow a "diet"   I just moderate my food intake.  I also excersise to help with weight control and also for stress relief.  It feels really good to see my weight grid where I started at 160 and now have gotten down to 137!  Thank you calorie-count for inspiring me and holding me accountable for what I put into my body.

Amanda in CT

This site is very helpful. It has made me more aware of the foods that I eat. Today though I'm a little discouraged, because i'm seeing my weight slowly go back up. I don't understand because my caloric intake has'nt went up and I'm burning the same amount of calories as before. I did find out that women ten to gain a few pounds two weeks before their cycle and it's about that time so I'm hoping to see it go back down after my cycle starts. I'm not giving up.  Drinking tons of water to flush out any water weight gain.

Still working on 20 more pounds.

Elaine in GA.

I have shed about 16kgs in 3 months and i am just 5 kgs off my ideal weight. to me the best part about these last 3 months, in addition to weight loss, has been the pleasure of involving myself in sport. I have been swimming, jogging and learning to play tennis. this also helps me to eat healthy and at normal hours. Involving in sport activities keeps my enthusiasm high and my 8-5 desk job is not boring anymore. Sincere advise to everyone, play some competitive sport for half hour a day. it will really keep you fresh and motivated


Rohan from Bangalore, India

Original Post by: elaine0925

Love this site. I started this program about two weeks ago. I had already lost 10 pound but since I started Calorie Count I've lost ten more. So much helpful info and it's so easy to keep up with caloric intake and calories burned. I am now more aware of what's good for me and how important exercise is. Thank you calorie count. I know you will help me reach my goal of  140 pounds. Only 20 more to go.

I love this site also and has helped me and TOPS has also helped with my goal!!

I've been faithfully logging all my calories since February 10th.  I've lost 15.5 pounds and, until this week, I hadn't even added any extra movement to my day.  Wednesday, a friend at work and I started walking around the path surrounding our school.  1 mile... maybe a little over... in 15 minutes.  We're not out to set a land speed record, but it's a start.  Our boss is starting yoga classes in a week or so and we've both signed up.  I'm excited.  I eat what I want, realizing that what I eat may limit how much I can eat.  I allow 'off' days, in which I don't worry if I went over my calories for the day - but I still log them, so I know how often I do it and can see the impact, if any. 

I'm trying to figure out ways to get my analysis grade up!  I want to see A's and B's, but have had a lot of C days.  I'm learning and losing.  My family isn't complaining about my "diet", I eat what I prepare for the family.  I just watch my servings and stop when I need to! 

This has been a life-changing experience for me.  As I attempt to get better 'grades' on my foods, I am adjusting my eating to much healthier habits!  Gotta love the almonds to snack on... and I sometimes even allow myself to eat the smokehouse or lightly salted ones!

to tell the truth i haven't posted much on CC but the question is are you a role model? well in away i consider myself a role model as i weigh just inside 62-63 kgs at 5'6" and 51 years of age. Since people find me slim dark and sexy i fel very good about myself and i tell them its alot of hard thinking and hard work that has helped me keep in shape and luk gud, and very often my freinds and people do get inspired and think about being healthy and look good. whether day work on it is yet another thing.


Last year in March I said enough was enough, between my moaning and groaning and that was just  to get on my feet from getting up from bending over. I told myself no excuses, I had a elliptical collecting dust and I started to use it plus I joined TOPS. With the ladies there inspired me and I lost 46 pounds to get to my goal weight. They are a great bunch of people who encouraged me even if I did have a bad week. I reach my goal in August and this winter was a battle but I only went over my weight goal once and I buckled down and got back where I was. I would of not done that if it was not for going there every week. I hope I am a good role model and I do allow for cheat days because of my sweet tooth but I also exercise and eat right. Coming here I use the food log and recipe analysis. This site has helped me.

I have been using Calorie count for over a month now and my daily exercise program consisted 20 minutes of riding my stationary bike.  I can ride almost 6 miles in 20 minutes. Today I added a Billy Blanks Tae bo DVD exercise video to my regian. Because my weight has kind of flucuated a little in the past week, I am hoping to see mre weight come off by adding this to my daily regiman. Still excited because I have lost 20+ pounds and feel 100% better thatI did 5 months ago. i have dropped 3 pant sizes and hope to drop at least 3 more by June 13th. ( my wedding day ) Thanks again calorie count for the encourgement.


My ah-ha moment: accepting that I am OBESE

My response: forgiving myself and accepting that I don't have to be OBESE

My action plan: take one day at a time, recommit to my goals daily, utilize this great tool on CC to monitor my caloric and nutritional intake and doing what works best for me

Not a role model as I have just started on this journey. But one tip...

At the end of the day if my analysis grades are not in the A's then I chop up a cup and a half of fresh salad (cucumber, lettuce, tomato, peppers... whatever is at hand - but NO dressings) and munch through it. Does almost nothing to my calorie intake but always pushes the grades into the A's. Even if I have binged in the day, I sign off feeling good with myself.

Thanks for that tip Radhna.  I actually do something similar, but at the opposite end of the day.  My first act every morning is to have an 8 oz. glass of low sodium V-8, which I drink with my daily vitamins.  That gets me off to a perfect start and healthy mindset.  And surprisingly, it keeps me feeling full for several hours.  Only 50 calories.

Hi.  I am new to this site and have just finished my third day.  I hope to be a role model and to help encourage each member to stay the course.  I have a long range goal date, so will probably be around for some time.  My a-ha moment was when I started receiving baby mail.  Meaning someone sent my name in to one of those baby companies and it made me go A-ha!  I was a bit down but then soon found this addition to that I have been on for some time.  I have a friend that has also signed up and we will be support for one another.  Hope to get back with some helpful ideas as we find them.  Send any my way.  Thanks.

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