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Are You Ready to Lose Weight?

By +Diane Petrella on Jan 03, 2013 10:00 AM in Tips & Updates

By Diane Petrella, MSW

It's the New Year, a time that re-ignites the desire to lose weight and get in shape. Before you dive in, evaluate your readiness to stay the course. Without a solid foundation, starting too quickly can lead to frustrating results. When you’re emotionally prepared, however, your results become permanent. Use these five questions to decide if now's the time to fully commit to your weight loss success.

1. Will you make your well-being a priority?

To lose weight successfully, your physical and emotional health must be your number one concern. This doesn’t mean you neglect personal responsibilities. It means you respond to those responsibilities through self-loving eyes. For example, you set boundaries on the demands of family and friends to create “Me” time. It also means you address life stressors that erode your confidence, such as a strained marriage or job dissatisfaction. Even if you delay focusing on weight loss, you’ll feel more confident to begin when your life feels stable.

2. Will you change your lifestyle?

To succeed with weight loss, you must replace old habits with new ones. Your willingness to exercise regularly and eat wholesome foods increases your chance for long term success. What lifestyle changes are you willing to make? For example, will you limit television time to make room for exercise? Will you take time for self-reflection to nurture your spirit? As you adopt new behaviors that support good health and well-being, you create a lifestyle that nurtures your long-term success.

3. Will you seek out support?

Losing weight sometimes feels frustrating and discouraging. Make it easy on yourself. Connect with others for support and professional guidance. Consult with a dietitian for nutrition advice, a personal trainer for exercise suggestions or a weight loss coach for inspiration. Besides professional assistance, join a weight loss support group or connect with others on-line through Calorie Count’s community forums. If groups don’t work for you, talk to a trusted friend for support when discouraged and camaraderie to celebrate progress. 

4. Will you look deeper if necessary?

If you struggle to lose weight, despite your best intentions, perhaps it’s time to dig deeper. For some people, excess weight offers protection and food equals comfort. Despite a conscious desire to be thinner, losing weight sometimes triggers subconscious fears that actually prevent progress. If success always eludes you, seek professional support to discover what’s holding you back. If you can relate to this, use the therapist finder tool at Psychology Today to find a counselor in your local area to help.

5. Will you be patient and persevere?

Permanent weight loss takes time. You need this time to not only release weight responsibly, but to release limiting beliefs and negative thoughts from your mind. If you lose weight too quickly, your self-concept doesn’t have time to change. Old beliefs then draw you back to old habits. Be willing to have patience and persevere. Doing so transforms discouragement into a determined belief that nothing will stop you from reaching your goal.

What if you don't feel ready?

If after reading these questions you don’t feel ready, that's OK. Give yourself permission to wait. Take time to discover what you need to fully commit. Use the above questions to guide you. You actually begin the weight loss process by creating a strong foundation first. When the timing is right, you’ll feel an inner trust that guides the rest of your journey with confidence and inspiration.
Your thoughts....

Are you ready to lose weight?

Diane Petrella, MSW is a psychotherapist and life coach. She offers her clients a spiritual approach to weight release and helps them develop a loving, respectful relationship with their bodies. Receive a free copy of Diane’s Seven Easy & Effortless Weight Loss Secrets by signing up for her monthly e-newsletter, Living Lightly, for spiritual insights and tips to release weight with confidence and love. To contact Diane visit:


good piece thanks.

Thanks for the good tips.

I just got back from the doctor and I've been fighting a battle as a pre-diabetic. I hadn't done very well so I was expecting the worst. I got the good news today that I'm still a "pre." I feel like I just got a reprieve from the governor! It's great news BUT I know I now have the responsibility to step back away from the brink by losing this weight, eating right and exercising...or it will be bad news next time. I'm determined. I'm ready.

Thank you for this excellent motivational article. It could not be better timed for me. Whilst I generally have the food intake under control, it is the exercise part that I completely lack enthusiasm for which brings me down. My GP and Cardiologist have advised I must lose 10 kilo (22 pounds). Whilst this may not seem a lot to some, for me it is such a struggle. I take heart medication which slows my heart rate down but the flip side to this is it slows my metabolism down also. I really have to get off my butt (literally) and start exercising. I've also been struggling to commit to additional education so maybe it's time to face reality and get moving on that. I'm afraid of failure but I don't know why as I've not failed at anything in my life. This article helped today, and I wanted to say 'thank you'! Laughing


Thank you so much for the reflective questions. I will think them through very carefully. With my health failing and 120 pounds to loose this has to be the year or I may not see next year. Your questions provoke some soul searching and honest answers. 

Thank you so much :)


Thank you all for your comments. I'm so glad my article was helpful!

To lNerrel - how great the timing of this inspired you! I hope it offers the encouragement you need to start exercising and get the education you referred to. I wish you the best on your journey.

Warm regards to all,

Original Post by: muffiin


Thank you so much for the reflective questions. I will think them through very carefully. With my health failing and 120 pounds to loose this has to be the year or I may not see next year. Your questions provoke some soul searching and honest answers. 

Thank you so much :)


Dear muffin,

Yes, make this your year. You can do this. Believe in yourself and in your ability to succeed. Do the soul searching necessary to connect with the strength that is inside of you.

Read the success stories here on Calorie Count. Other people have overcome similar obstacles and you will, too.

Thank you for your post and I wish you well.

Blessings to you,

Thanks for the push. I finally got myself ready to get this weight off and that sure helped.

I lost 80lbs in 1996 and kept it off till the last 4 years. Due to some stress and lifestyle changes...I had no desire to get contol. Well..I am ready now.

As the last time I dieted....I don't think about the total lbs I have to lose. I think about 1 month at a time.  A month is almost a pant size.

I think of calories as money.  I have $1200 to spend every day. I can spend a little bit throughout the day or if I wanted to go out and junk with my friends...I saved $1000 for the night! Don't get me wrong, there were days I spent more money than I had, but instead of getting discouraged and giving up, I got up the next day and continued on. 

My before and after picture was featured in a magazine. Good thing they are not around now or I would be on the cover holding a fried chicken leg in my hand.


I am ready. I joined this website three years ago. I am finally ready to use it appropriately. I had a hysterectomy Dec 2011 and after one year I have put on a LOT of weight. During this most recent holiday season I had three deaths - all too young. That process followed immediately by the holidays have me reassessing EVERYTHING. I know I cant do it all, but I can do something. My fifties are in sight and I want to have better habits and be fitter so I need to start now. I am grateful for your post.

We can do it!

I read somewhere to add in good before you start to take things away.  So, I am finally ready.... I have added in fruits, veges, vitamins, minerals, PGX, water, etc., over the last three months and now am ready to watch the calories.  I am going to be sure to log daily... that is my goal this week.  That way I know where I really stand.  I am exercising on and off, but next week, plan to add exercise as a regular six-day weekly regimen. I'm joining the local YMCA for more motivation and diversity of exercise.  I am also journaling my thoughts and feelings as I go.  Thanks for your motivation.  I will weigh 140 pounds by faith, and I am ready to continue this journey moving in the right direction :-)

This article has helped me soo much.   It is such a mental battle with me, I always told myself one day I would "figure" it out.  Thank you soooo much for sharing.

If you are ready then you can do it.  I'm sorry to hear of your losses.  Make them smile from heaven and stay strong.  I wish you the very best.  Find something that motivate you and take it one day at a time.  If you fail for a day, NEVER give up!!!  Start again and the weight will come off.  Good Luck!!!

thanks for the support!

It's so true, I've been working at losing weight for about 2 years and have only lost about 30 lbs so far, which is great but not in 2 years.  I'd been working out like crazy but not really "all in" as far as diet.  I have learned over these 2 years that losing weight is about 80% what you eat.

I finally feel like I turned a corner on NYE I was feeling fat then my friend who has also always been a bit chunky lost a little weight (very little) and gave me all her old clothes, well that was it, it was like a light switch went off, I don't want my friends fat clothes lol

So I've been on it counting my calories every day even weekends which I for some reason I felt all bet were off (stupid) AND portion sizes, which I also neglected, but it's pointless to count calories if you don't measure your portion sizes.  I've been walking every day, still belong to the gym but waiting out the new years resolutioner crowds

I am losing 50 lbs this year, I'm done with being fat



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