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When You Feel Beautiful, You Are Beautiful!

By Sheila on Mar 29, 2010 12:00 PM in Success Stories

After a number of unsuccessful weight loss strategies, Crazypotatoe98 took matters into her own hands and finally achieved the results she wanted. She learned that a quick fix isn't always the best way, and that losing weight involves much more than just shedding excess pounds. In her story she shares with us some words of wisdom which have helped her lose 30lbs.

She contacted us through our Share Your Story feature, and provided the following answers to our questionnaire.

1. What made you decide to lose weight this time?

I gained a great deal of weight when I was unable to see my husband for six months due to immigration problems. During that time, our whole life fell apart and I was left alone to pick up the pieces. I gained at least twenty pounds during those six months, in addition to the ten pounds I had put on during our engagement and right after we were married. I had always been a "stress/emotional eater."

When we were finally reunited, I was thirty pounds overweight. For at least the first six months back together, I was frustrated by the fact that almost none of my old clothes fit and I had to wear the same pants and shirts over and over again for my new job. When I saw pictures of myself, I was horrified by how I looked -- two chins and years older than I really was. People kept asking me if I was pregnant.

Finally, I went back "home" for a visit to my old friends and parents, and since I was ashamed for them to see me so much heavier than they remembered, I decided that as soon as I got back to my new home in Mexico, it was time to start taking care of my health.

2. What other "diets" (programs, products, plans, or services) had you tried in the past?

I lost and re-gained the same ten pounds during the first three years of our marriage. I tried Slim-Fast, but the lactose intolerance made it impossible for me to digest the shakes. I also tried diet pills which didn't seem to help at all because the problem was emotional eating and the pills didn't help my emotions. I even became a member of Calorie Count in 2007, but I didn't log anything and ended up not really using the site at that time.

3. What changes did you make to your usual diet, activity, lifestyle, and attitude?

The most important change of all was to log back onto the CC site and start using the tools that were provided. I began journaling my food and feelings every day and eventually transitioned to using the food log and writing up my feelings or experiences. For lunch at work, I began bringing a salad and adding chicken and salad shaker, slivered almonds and dried cranberries to it (only 250 cals and very filling), and snacking on healthy foods that I enjoyed like grapes and low fat yogurt or carrot sticks with french onion dip. I also started faithfully exercising at home six days per week for 30 minutes with different DVDs, of which I had acquired plenty over time.

4. How did Calorie Count help you to lose weight?

It was definitely the accountability factor; knowing that people all over the world could read what I was eating and drinking, and occasionally someone would post a comment on my journal like "Too much Coke!" Also reading the forums was a tremendous help seeing that I was not alone and that success was within my grasp. If people could lose fifty, a hundred, two hundred pounds, surely I could lose thirty!

5. What was most challenging about losing weight?

I would say for starters the TIME it took. Here we are, exactly one year from where I started, and I'm still hovering around two pounds above my goal weight. In a society where instant gratification is the norm, it's hard to bide your time and be patient, although losing weight the healthy way should be a 'slow and steady wins the race' kind of attitude. Also very important: not falling into food ruts, trying to keep coming up with creative things to eat that were healthy, and avoiding the continual flow of junk food at work, which is STILL a challenge.

6. How long did it take you to see results?

When I lost two pounds my first week, I was wild with excitement because I knew that this was actually going to work. After I lost the first ten pounds, people started commenting on how much smaller I looked, and I noticed that my clothes were getting looser.

7. When did you realize that you were a success?

My goal from the start was to fit into the same skirt I was wearing the day my husband and I met, July 25, 2004. When I was able to put on that skirt on July 25, 2009, I knew that I had really made it even though I wasn't finished losing pounds quite yet.

8. How do you prevent relapse?

Creativity and variety. I'm getting tired of my old workout DVD's and have started ordering new ones, like a Bollywood workout that I just tried last week. And I did eventually get tired of a salad every day for lunch and started trying other things like soup with mixed in spinach. Also buying new clothes helps, because you don't want to sabotage yourself into not being able to wear them... you want to feel great because you know you look great! My goal now that I'm not losing pounds is to get into the best physical shape that I possibly can without joining a gym (can't join a gym for safety reasons... I live in a dangerous area and stick out like a sore thumb because I look like an American tourist) which is a great challenge. This isn't over yet!

9. How has your life changed now that you've lost weight?

I know that many people on this site have lost much more weight than me, so I can't say that my life has radically altered like theirs. But what has changed is my own self-esteem; when I started losing the weight, I started wearing clothes that I felt really flattered me, and putting on pretty shoes at work, and letting my hair grow long. Someone once said that when you FEEL beautiful, you ARE beautiful. I'm no supermodel or anything even remotely approaching it, but I know that I look the best that I can, and it's a feeling that stays with me all day and makes me happy. My husband was always attracted to me, but now he is proud and constantly tells me how beautiful I look. And most of all, I feel healthy and fit. Endorphins are wonderful things!

10. What five tips do you have for other dieters?

  • I think I should say that you don't need a lot of money to lose weight and get in shape. When I started my new lifestyle, we were financially strapped, but I didn't let that get in my way. I bought heads of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers at the grocery store, and bought cans of chicken and salad shakers to top my salads with, total cost about $1.30 per day for lunch.
  • When I had to go to Food Bank and couldn't even buy the lettuce for my salad, I ate peanut butter on whole-wheat bread for lunch and snacked on apples and oranges, which are cheaper than grapes.
  • I never joined a gym but instead worked out at home using workout DVD's that I bought on Ebay, and I also bought cheap hand weights at Wal-Mart.
  • An exercise step cost me $20 on Ebay.
  • If you're really determined enough, you won't let anything get between you and your healthier, more fabulous you!


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Congratulations on your success!!!! 

Congratulations you look beautiful!! And hey, 30lbs is 30lbs, it still a lot of weight that's gone. I'm also an emotional eater and I want to loose weight to improve my self confidence. So thank you for sharing your story. Your success is a wonderful motivation!

well done:)

Your story is so inspiring, and this is why.  You truly personify what Calorie-Count is all about.  We each have to find our own way that fit's best with our lifestyle to loose weight.  You did exactly that!  You deserve lot's of kuddos for sticking with it even in the toughest of situations.  Feel proud of yourself today-you deserve it!

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congratulations!! u look great

I have only just started and it is stories like yours that stop me reaching for biscuits and going for a walk instead.  30lb is a lot of weight to lose, yes others have lost more but we are individuals and 30lb is a fantastic success WELL DONE YOU! thank you for your story.

The part about your story that motivated me the most was when you said "I would say the TIME it took."  It is soooo hard to stick to it when the weight isn't coming off as fast as you'd like.  But you are ABSOLUTELY right "slow and steady wins the race!" It's taken me about 4 months to lose almost 10 lbs.  Although not as much as I'd like, at least it's 10 lbs less than I was 4 months ago.  Thank you so much for sharing your story.  You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  You are truly an inspiration!! 


You do look great! I, too, decided that there was no quick fix.  I am into this almost 80 days and have lost almost 20 lbs.  Just counting my calories everyday and keeping a log.  It feels good to be going in that direction.  No fads or lose weight quickly schemes, just change the way I eat for a healthy lifestyle.

Congratulation :)

What's most important is you feel happy and healthy~

Another motivational reference to continue my weight lost plan. Rawr!

Thank you for sharing your story.  I saw your pictures (and you look great) it reminds me of how I feel and look.  I too am an emotional eater and have a hard time making my health a priority.  I busy myself with to many other things.  Thanks again for your testimony and I will use it as a daily reminder that it can be done and that I need to dedicate myself to being healthy and not make any excuses.

Congratulations! My goal is to loose 30 pounds too (Ive lost 27 so far) so I know the challenge that yo went through.You should be extremely proud. Kudos to you for starting to loose weight early instead of waiting until you were a hundred pounds heavier. Bravo! And your husband is a lucky man.

Hi- Congrats on your weight loss. Very important point that you CAN lose weight and exercise without spending a ton of money. I have been having a problem the past week or so after doing really well for 4-5 weeks- reading everyone's experiences on Calorie Count are such a big help!!!!This is a life-long journey for all of us.  One thing I do notice is the fact that I have overeaten and not eaten good foods and had lost a desire to move and exercise-  I do not feel as good.

Thanks for your story and continued success.

Loved this story, thank you!

you look like you are "in charge"

how wonderful for you

what a great and inspirational story

thank you for sharing with the cc community

Your strength and determination are an inspiration to all of us. I really liked how you kept at it no matter what the difficulties were. You always found a way to do it. No excuses! Thank you for sharing.

Since everyone says the same thing, we need to figure out why we do it so we can change!

I have a small amont of weight to lose, always around my middle, but I am plagued with these problems. It's still difficult to lose a small amount.

I am also trying to lose 30 lbs and have lost over 10 so far.  Thanks for reminding me that it takes time because although I have been eating great and exercising this week I haven't lost any weight.  I like to come on here and be reminded that it takes time but it will be worth it.

Good job.. wish I had your self esteem, because mexicans eat alot of good food that is not very healthy trust me I know I'm one of them. Enchiladas yum!

Yeah, and choriqueso, and panchos, and breaded good and yet so bad at the same time! LOL

Congrats! Trust and belief in yourself are the keys to looking and feeling great. I hit my 25 pound mark today and feel great. Stories like yourself go a long ways in keeping us all motiviated!

You look great and wish you continued success!



Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story. I'm trying to do what so many people on this site have done and your story helps to motivate me.


Congrats!!! I love reading these stories because they always remind that it's possible and with patience I will get to where I want to be. I'm one  of those instant gratification required ppl and just want to be at my goal today!! I don't have a set goal persay, but I'm expecting around 150 I'll know where I want to be (that's still 40lbs - approx - off, but 20 lbs closer than when I started!).

But yes, I appreciate these stories and they always remotivate me and keep me trucking on - which is essential when I go through a week of absolutely no weight loss (though I should look at it as no weight gain).

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congratulation!!! envy u .. :)

hi love your story. i was in a similar situation of immigration problems. one that has not gone through a situation like that cant understand how your whole life fall apart. on top of that my dad sudden past a way 10 days after our wedding and i was away from my family. 10 years further and we still have immigration problems. life has not been easy and stress has added about 30 pounds not so much because I'm a stress eater but i was always active as a sport instructor and now i was doing nothing. but you gave back my motivation. for that i want to thank you. i don't have money to go to the gym but i don't need to. turned a room in the house in to my room where i do my workout for going outdoors for a jog or a walk is not a option for we live in a country where we both stand out. keep on doing what your doing you look great.  

Yes, you're quite right. On the Mexican side of the border, I'm not allowed to walk alone anywhere. I wanted a bicycle, but my husband didn't want me to be biking in Nuevo Laredo, either. So really the exercise I get really has to be at home. Last night I tried a new Jillian Michaels DVD and it really kicked my tush! As a matter of fact, I couldn't even finish it all the way -- and that's something that never happens to me. So I know now that these three DVD's of hers are probably just what I needed to get into the best shape I can at home.

These comments are so encouraging, thank you so much!

hi maybe a strange question but on your photo are you wearing a convention badge? 


Hard work and beliving in your self pays off big time!

Thanks for sharring your story!

Yes, it's a convention badge! Yes, I was at a district convention in Nuevo Laredo!

Congratulations!  You look great!  Thanks for the reminders.  From you picture, looks like you could be my "sister"!  Nice to hear other stories of "friends" on this website :)

Congratulations you look awsome.

Congratulations! I have recently begun my diet and exercise regimen and have incorporated much of the same approaches you have. I hope I am as successful as you have been. I don't have DVDs but I do use the Exercise on Demand channel on cable and do that 30 minutes a day during the work week and 60 minutes on the weekends. I have noticed that I don't feel as heavy or bloated and my clothes are getting loose. Also, the exercise gives me energy in the morning and my coworkers have commented on the difference. Watching what I eat is something I find myself doing all the time even without thinking about it. I have also tried different quick ways to drop weight and have gained it right back. This time its different. I feel in control and motivated to continue, rather than starving all the time and trying to limit myself to only eating what the "diet" says I can. Thank you so much for your story and your inspiration.

Congrats on the new look Beautiful!! WOW I love this siteEmbarassed

COngratulations on ur sucess. You look awesome!

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