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Winning My Last Battle

By Sheila on Nov 02, 2009 12:00 PM in Success Stories

Giving up bad habits, including unhealthy eating, is not easy to do, but Brandyb77 has conquered all of these and has successfully lost 100 lbs.

She contacted us through our Share Your Story feature, and provided the following answers to our questionnaire.

1. What made you decide to lose weight this time?

For me it went hand and hand with getting into recovery. I quit using drugs and alcohol and knew that food was my last battle to win. I looked at the pictures from my sister's wedding and was so ashamed at how I looked. I knew I could change it as I weighed much less when my son was a baby. I let a divorce get the best of me and I knew I needed to get my life back.

2. What other "diets" (programs, products, plans, or services) had you tried in the past?

I have tried just about everything, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, pills and powders. Nothing worked for me.

3. What changes did you make to your usual diet, activity, lifestyle, and attitude?

The first thing I did was cut out all alcohol and fast food. I started paying attention to the calories in food and started myself on a 1200 calorie diet. I also slowly increased my activity by doing lots of walking. I knew I had to get the weight off before I could start running again. I decided I had to learn how to love myself and treat my body like it was important. I also saw a dietitian to make sure my body was getting the right kind of nutrition.

4. How did Calorie Count help you to lose weight?

Calorie Count has played a huge role in being accountable to my daily calories and workouts. I use it daily and couldn't even imagine trying to do it on my own again.

5. What was most challenging about losing weight?

Staying focused at BBQ's and family gatherings. For the most part my family was not on board with the low calorie foods. I had to learn to eat for nourishment and not for enjoyment. I had to redirect my emotional eating and turn to exercise when I needed to release stress.

6. How long did it take you to see results?

I saw results right away. Within about two weeks the weight started dropping off. It has been a long run for me. I lost about 45 pounds the first year and about equal this last year. My goal is another 24 pounds which I will give myself time for. I know the slower the better for me.

7. When did you realize that you were a success?

Actually just recently I realized I was a true success. I was able to put on a size I never thought I would wear again. I looked at myself in the mirror and for the first time in a VERY long time I felt beautiful!

8. How do you prevent relapse?

I allow for days that aren't so good by keeping my food log up to date and by keeping my workouts very regular. Even when I feel lazy I will get up and do a 2 mile run - it only takes a few about 20 minutes and it keeps my mind on track.

9. How has your life changed now that you've lost weight?

I feel fantastic about myself and I found that my son has lost a lot of weight too. He is 7 and weighed more than 120 pounds. He is now slimmed down so much and I see him making better food choices. I also see him encouraged to work out with me and it makes me happy to be a good influence on him.

10. What five tips do you have for other dieters?

  1. Make one right choice at a time.
  2. Love yourself for who you are no matter what size you wear or how
    much you weigh.
  3. Don't give up if you slip up, get back on track the next meal or
    the next day.
  4. Gather as much support as possible especially from the people you
    live with. This is key.
  5. The most important thing is make your house a safe food
    environment. Don't have junk food stashed around. Clear it all out and
    fill your house with good, healthy snacks.


If you would like us to feature your success story, you can submit it here. The most insightful stories will be featured on this blog and in the weekly "Success Stories" newsletter.


This is awesome!  Congrats!

Fantastic! well done, You have given me hope. I have put on 15 stone since I quit smoking. I shall follow your advice

PS you look lovely


Well done, you are an amazing success story!  i like the point that you wanted to get your life back.  I think that is such an amazing way to look at it.  I'm a bit of an 'all or nothing' girl, but I have found your experience very enlightening and encouraging.  Thank you for sharing your words of motivation with us.

Congratulations on your successes and most importantly on conquering your addiction.  You are a true inspiration and should be very proud of your accomplishments.  What a wonderful example of a life truly changed!

PS:  You look stunning!!


You look great. Good Job.

Congratulations! You LooK FABULOUS!


WOW!!  You must be so proud!!  What an achievement!! 

What a wonderful gift to give to your son, the gift of health and the gift of a fit mum, who can really play with him!


"Don't give up, if you slip up"....  I have adopted this as one of my slogans.  Thanks so much for sharing your journey.  It helps to keep me on mine!  You look great.  Congrats.....

An inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.

You look healthy and happy - what a role model you are for your son.  Congratulations on winning your battles - you have had some very tough challenges in your life and you are so successful!!!!

This is one of the best success stories I have read on this site!  I love to hear when someone is genuinely happy with making and acheiving small, realistic goals because weight isn't just going to fall off in a few weeks!  It sounds like you made realistic goals and had the will power and love for yourself to appreciate the accomplishments as they came.  It's also hugely important to make small changes, one at a time... no one can change 10 bad habits at a time!  Congratulations!  You have all the ingredients for a lifetime of success and that is all you need!  So proud of you!

Good Morning All-

Brandy- what a wonderful success story.  You are a strong, powerful woman! So happy for you and your son! I am sure you will have continued successes in ALL areas of your life!!!

Your success story is the first one I have ever commented on.  I guess I needed to hear it this morning.  You have overcome so much and seem to really have your head on straight...good for you!  Congratulations to your son as well.  Although you are beautiful in your before picture, you look so much healthier and even younger in your current pic.  I am very impressedLaughing

Wow, what a great story. I have just started my journey to get this weight off for good. You really have insired me to stay on track! Great job!

Amazing journey!

Stamina, strength and dollops of discipline are needed to overcome all the tantalizing and seductively sweet voices of temptation!




You are beautiful!

Of all the stories I've read, yours has really inspired me. Thank you so much. You're doing wonderfully!

I have over 100 pounds to loose also.  I am really worried/scared about the excess skin.  Do you have a lot of excess skin?

Very inspiring story!! Thanks for sharing!!

Wonderful and inspiring!! Congratulations! You look glowing from health!

Your advice is good as well as touching.  Congratulations!!!

I love reading stories like these!  Very inspiring! Congratulations! 

Well done young lady. You have done great job and your life and your son's life will only get better and better!

Good for you!

Congratulations! The fact that your child has taken these best practices is not only encouraging for me but for my family.  I wish you well!

Sheila, you're amazing.  You've overcome some pretty long odds!  Congratulations -- reading stories like yours helps me keep going when the going gets tough!

first of all Congratulations look stunning

your story is an inspiring one. thanks for giving us '' HOPE" and make us believe that we can do it.

wish you all the besty and thanks for sharing your story.

I think that is totally inspiring!  I would like to congratulate you for the success and inspiration.  You look awesome and thanks for sharing your story. Laughing


you are gorgeous and you look so happy!  Congratulations and good for you for taking care of you!

i can really relate to your story.  i have been clean and sober for more than 7 years but have not conquered my food addiction.  you are much younger than me but you still give me hope.  thank you for your transparency and honesty

That is awsome you are my hero!! I just have started to calorie count and I hope It has the same results for me that It has had for you. You are trully an inspiration. Thank You

I am doing research studying the experience of living with binge eating disorder. I am not sure if you qualify- but if anyone is a binge eater- either still struggling or recovering, will you email me at

Thank you!


You are lovely indeed.....inside and out...what a wonderful influence on your should be very proud of yourself.  Blessing. 

You don't say how old you are, but you look very young in your pictures.  I was surprised to here you say you have a 7 year old.  You look to be around the same age as my daughter (27)  That being are way beyond your years in maturity.  Us 50+ year olds have plenty to learn from you.  When you talked about learning to love your self and eating for nourishment not pleasure, I knew you some way....talking to me.  Thank you.

Congratulations!  What an inspiraton you are.  You look great and I am sure you feel just as great.  Thanks for sharing your story.

You do look fabulous! Congratulations, and best of luck as you take off that last 24 lbs ~ doing it your way certainly appears to be working!! Laughing Please know in your heart that your son has a wonderful example to follow *in you*. He must be very proud!

Come on! That picture on the right isn't you! Just kidding. WOW! what a difference!

I started CC in April'09 and have lost 67lbs. I'm very happy. Want to lose another 30lbs. by April'10.

You're living proof I can do it!

Thanks for sharing you're success.

Congrats, you go girl...the last 24 pounds will be the toughest, but keep it up.  I am especially encourage about the impact you have made on your son...I whole heartedly applaud you for setting such a great example for him.

Behaviour + Behaviour = Habit

Well done, thanks for sharing


Congrats how inspiring much continued  success

Wow you look awesome.Smile

Great Job...

Wow! You look fantastic! Congratulations on a job well done!!Cool

Your are amazing! Congrats!!!!!

Very inspiring!

Very good advise, I tend to give up if I had a bad day / weekend.  You really look great !

You ARE beautiful!  Keep up the great work!  Way to go on getting your son involved too!!!

So inspiring!  Last night when I didn't feel like working out, I talked myself into doing just 2 miles on the treadmill.  Once I was on, I did 3.3!  Thanks for the help getting me off my couch! 

Congrats:) you look awesome!!

this is very inspirational and thank you for sharing.

Ive just started my diet on a basis of 1200 calories too

all the best!

you look fantastic!!!!! I've hit a weight plateau  in the last one month and started eating for comfort but your words "eat for nourishment not enjoyment" have jolted me back on track!! thanks and good luck with the remaining 24lbs. you can do it

Wonderful accomplihsment! Especially when you nocticed your positive behavior influencing your son. How great to beat the cycle! Very inspirational!

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