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Want to lose weight but don't want to do it alone? Start by joining this Group right here!!! Make new friends and share tips, advice and support.
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Welcome to the Group

by daynadow in Introduce Yourself on Sep 08

Hello, I am 29, I have been battling my weight since I hit puberty. For every diet I have tried I also gain it all back plus!...

Spot American expat living in Turkey
Weekly updates

by spotthecat1 in General Discussion on Jul 13

You've made great progress! Keep it up! We have a lot of similarities. I posted something here that I just realized belonged in a different ...

luvtraveling The world is a book, if you don't travel, you read only 1 page.
Hello is anyone there?

by luvtraveling in Introduce Yourself on Jul 08

I'm here. I was on vacay this past week, but I'm back. And need all the help I can get!

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