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Waist Watchers

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Goals, weekly weigh-ins, and most of all, Motivation! Waist Watchers is a small group of people that are serious about getting their lives back on track, doing it the healthy way, and finally losing those twenty or more extra pounds. We are committed to sticking to our diets (although mistakes will happen), exercising, and most of all being a support system for one another. Time to write on the group forum at least a few nights during the week is ideal, in order to discuss how our diets and weekly exercise is going, or just overall how great or terrible our week of weight loss has been. Motivation, encouragement, and inspiration is the key!
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Introduce Yourself!

by mglgnz in Introduce Yourself to Waist Watchers on Sep 22

Hi my name is Maggie 1. Age: 402. Height:5'43. Current Weight: 1834. Target Weight: 1355. Dream Weight: 1356. History...

Is anybody still losing weight!?

by cxareigna in **GROUP NEWS AND UPDATES** on Jun 24

Is this group still active?

Tasha Sparkles
Weekly Weigh In 6/8/2010

by tasha12345 in Weekly Weigh-Ins on Jun 15

Hi girls, i thought i'd join your topic ven if i am a week late i can still put this weeks on here! Starting date: 7th...

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Introduce Yourself to Waist Watchers 3 49
Get started by telling us a little bit about yourself!
Updates that I or the moderators make to topics, sticky's, post, etc.
Weekly Weigh-Ins 18 95
Keep track of our goals together, Weigh in!
Weight Goal Reached! 2 0
Have you reached your goal or a mini goal? Share your success!
Fitness, Exercise, and Yummy Healthy Recipes 10 32
What do you do to stay fit and get that heart rate pumping?
General Chatter 6 26
Because life isn't just about exercise.
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