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Should I use a cleanse to jump-start my diet?
Asked by gracebv on Dec 01, 2008 in Alternative & Integrative Nutrition

I have heard that you should start a diet with a cleanse (like the water, lemon, and cayenne cleanse) to give it a jump-start. Is it true or do you just have to start the diet?


A cleanse is unnecessary, but a short-term fast like the Master Cleanse you describe, might serve as a tangible signal of change and should not hurt a healthy woman – as long as it doesn’t last for more than one day.  The body doesn’t need a cleanse because it has systems to eliminate toxins and a fast lasting longer than a day will lead to muscle breakdown, nutrient deficiencies, headaches, irritability, and fatigue.  Avoid fasts that use laxatives, which can lead to dehydration and colon damage, as well as those that use colonic irrigation, which can infect or perforate the bowel.

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