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Uncle Dougie's Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address P.O. Box 3244
Barrington, Illinois 60011
United States
Phone (847) 639-4461
Added 2011-02-06 13:48:57
Un?cle Dougie?s adj. 1. sneaky heat. 2. bouquets of spice. 3. a kaleidoscopic kick. 4. multi-dimensional flavor. 5. more sophisticated then mere hotness. 6. makes everything taste great. By experimenting on close friends & family, and having a large supply of cold libations?a homemade recipe for the best oven baked spicy chicken wings was developing. After years of fine tuning and numerous chicken wing parties, Doug (Uncle Dougie) Tomek was asked (begged) to bottle this fantastic concoction.

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