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The Truth About New Year's Resolutions (Infographic)

By +Rachel Berman on Dec 31, 2012 06:00 PM in Healthy Eating

You asked for it, you got it! An infographic to celebrate the New Year about the resolutions you make. Remember, a complete overhaul of your lifestyle all at once probably won't be realistic to maintain in the long term. Instead, make smaller resolutions every day to reach your goals step by step. Wishing you a happy and healthy start to the year!

New Year's Infographic


After last nightI think I will have to wait until tomorrow!!!Money mouth

I think this is a great way to display this information

The biggest mistake people make is waiting: waiting until 1 January, waiting until Monday, waiting until the NEXT first of the month. Those are all excuses.  If you are sincere about your intentions to change your lifestyle, START NOW.

I absolutely love these little "posters" that CC makes.  I liked the Thanksgiving one too.  As a graphic designer, I enjoy looking at clever, eye appealing ways to display information.  I think these are cute, eye catching, layed out extremely well and informational.  Keep 'em coming!!!

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