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Tresso Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address 150 - 2840 Olafsen Avenue
Richmond British Columbia V6X 2R3
Phone +(1)-(604)-2738839
Added 2011-01-08 16:47:55
TRESSO Foods Inc. is the company who has been bottling natural salad dressing and teriyaki sauce for years and served States and Western Canada''s premium grocery stores such as Buy Low, IGA, T&T, Coopers, Super Value, Choices Market, Capers, Trader Joe''s and Safeway. TRESSO currently makes 4 flavors of Japanese Style Salad Dressings and 2 flavors of Teriyaki Sauces. They are all natural - no preservatives, artificial flavors, sugar or chemicals - and made of safe organic produce.

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