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The USDA 2000 calorie diet is only a recommendation - use this tool to determine how many calories you actually need daily. Simply fill in the fields and hit "Calculate Daily Calorie Needs" below.

If you are on a diet, and trying to determine how many calories you should be consuming to reach your target weight you can use our Calories Needed for Weight Loss analyzer.

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Your Activity Level

Check the activity level that best matches your lifestyle.

  • At work - you work in an office
  • At home - you're usually sitting, reading, typing or working at a computer
  • Exercise - you don't exercise regularly
  • At work - you walk a lot
  • At home - you keep yourself busy and move a lot
  • Exercise - you participate in light exercise or take long walks
  • At work - you are very active much of the day
  • At home - you rarely sit and do heavy housework or gardening
  • Exercise - you exercise several times a week and push yourself pretty hard
  • At work - you hold a labor-intensive job such as construction worker or bicycle messenger
  • At home - you are very active with heavy lifting and other rigorous activities
  • Exercise - you participate in physical sports such as jogging or mountain-biking each day

You may think the only way your body burns calories is by spending hours at the gym or exercising. The truth is that your body is burning calories at all times of day, even when you're sitting there in front of the computer. Your body's basic functions like breathing, heart beating, blood pumping, all require calories to operate. Then, your body burns more depending on your level of activity on a day to day basis to arrive at your total daily calories burned.

Find Out How Many Calories to Burn by Using Our Burn Calculator

The number of calories the human body burns varies greatly from person to person. At rest, calories burned depend on your genetics, height, weight, age, and sex. Men for example, tend to burn more calories at rest due to a higher percentage of muscle mass which burns more than fat mass at rest. Then, as you age, your muscle mass declines, also causing a decline in your metabolism and calories needed to function. By using our calorie burn calculator, you can find out how many calories you burn which then helps you figure out the calorie intake you need to eat to either lose, maintain, or gain weight.
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