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Thomas Kemper Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address Thomas Kemper Soda Co.
PO Box 2868
Portland, Oregon 97208
United States
Phone 503-517-8636
Added 2010-12-22 11:49:20
Good news. We?re still a small, dedicated crew of totally soda-centric people. No old geezer named Thomas Kemper looking down from a founder?s portrait. No bossy parent company. Just a nice president named Bill who comes to work each day at our little place in Portland and gets foam on his upper lip like the rest of us worker bees. That?s our story and we?re sticking with it. Making great beverages in small batches is a big kid?s dreams come true. We?re not about to blow this pop stand.

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  •     Soda - Root Beer, Classic
  •     Soda - Ginger Ale, Classic
  •     Soda - Black Cherry, Classic
  •     Citrus Bliss
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