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Thanksgiving: Did You Know?

By +Rachel Berman on Nov 17, 2012 10:00 AM in Tips & Updates

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, we want to give thanks to you, our community, for making Calorie Count such a welcoming, supportive place for learning healthy habits! We thought you'd enjoy this infographic with Thanksgiving trivia and food facts. Please let us know in the comments below what you're grateful for and how you plan to spend the holiday. Have a happy and healthy one!  

Thanksgiving Infographic


wooow thanksss!! that was a reallly great article!!! :D I guess i need everyday of my life to be thanksgiving! :P

I'm grateful for a everything......i.e. Having the best parents, family, nature, animals, friends to be there for you when you need that extra boost, & having the best husband.

We'll be home making thanksgiving dinner. Family will come over (unless things change). Watch the football games on tv. Sit back & enjoy the quietness.

This article is not only interesting and informative, but quite AMUSING, as well!  I chickled at some of the facts given -- this is really great stuff!

I hope you can do the same thing at Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and other major holidays, too!  It's a great reference to quiockly know how many calories we're looking at, during these events!

Thanks! Laughing

Thanks...really enjoyed that.  I agree with sugarsinger that I would enjoy you doing that again for other major holidays where we can get side tracked. 

Happy Thanksgiving to CalorieCount.

Over 4 million pounds lost by CCers?  Wow!  All interesting!

we like to stay home and have a quiet, small quiet thankssgiving.  We have turkey and all the trimmings but in moderation with leftovers for the next 4 days!  I am thankful for God, family, and good health this year!

Having a Traditional Thanksgiving dinner at this point in my life would be counter productive, and down right dangerous. I discovered Calorie Count a few weeks ago after I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I'm on the site constantly. I count calories, and most important carbs to follow my entire new life style change in eating habits. I'm now used to eating healthy 4 or 5 little meals a day. Through diet and exercise I've kept my blood sugar in check and have managed my Glucose level. And this without insulin or drugs. Watching your diet can make a huge change in your life. I owe a lot to Calorie Count for helping me make that change. A couple ounces of white meat turkey,...maybe. But I'm not going to miss it !

We will be having most of the traditional foods with items like salad, and steamed beans. Many choices for all. This year choices for the calorie counting me

I am very thankful for Jesus Christ and all that he does for me and all my family. I dont no where we would be without God. For thanksgiving we go to my uncles and all the family meets there. We prepare all the food, we watch the football game, and enjoy all the visiting!!Embarassed


I am so ready for this Holiday season. Last year I made the mistake of not eating things that I wanted, so I missed out. I lost a few extra pounds just to enjoy these things this year. Bring it on!  :)


This year whole wheat stuffing and undressed veggies I find that veggies are great all on their own. as far as desserts gotta figure out something there. will just make dessert count and pick the top one for me and have a small portion.

As far as thanks I am thankful for my family mostly my husband, who is my biggest supporter.

I also hope that you can have an article like this for all the other major holidays as well. Keep on keepin' on everyone.

We have a family tradition for Thanksgiving.  We put a single grain of popcorn on each plate.  Before we offer thanks, we each go round the table, from youngest to oldest, pick up our grain, and talk about the things we are most thankful for this year.  Always makes me cry, and laugh, and then we all shed a tear or two together as we review the past 12 months and reflect on all of our blessings... This year, I'm adding Calorie Count to my list. 

Happy Thanksgiving, CC team and to all CC members. What a wonderful community we share! I feel privileged to be a part of it and wish each and every one a terrific holiday season.


Nice post, gladerunner! Laughing

I live overseas but I can't let Thanksgiving go by. With all that is happening in the world, I am thankful that my loved ones are safe. My heart goes out to everyone having to deal with frankenstorm Sandy and I will mention them and their wonderful spirit in my Thanksgiving thanks. I also am thankful for CC and the support I receive when using their app. Counting calories have helped me to reduce my portions and I am ecstatic with my progress. Thank you CC and all the members with your inspiring stories. I will serve a healthy Thanksgiving dinner for all of my guests, and keep the butter in a dish for those who want it:-) ... I'm just gonna have to make room for that pecan pie! Once or twice a year seeks like a healthy choice, too.

I am very thankful for CC in my life and all of the nice people involved with the site.  Its going to be hard, but I will try to be good food wise on Turkey Day!  But I will indulge some...just try to keep it in moderation.  And my gym offers extra classes that morning and there is one where she keeps guaranteeing a "1000 Calorie Burn"...I'm a little scared of that one!  Haha!  But I am going to work out in the morning and be extra good all day to make room for the goodies! 

My family has a really cute tradition.  There is always a fire in the fire place and we all have to write down the 3 things on our Christmas list.  Then you have to stand in front of the group and read them aloud.  When you're finished reading you put the list in the fireplace.  The idea here is that the smoke carries the list up to the North Pole so Santa (and everyone else in the room) know what you want for Christmas.  It's really fun with little kids, though the youngest is now 16...time flies!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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