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Teen Maitenance & ED Support

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About Us
A group for maitaining teens who have struggled with or are still struggling eating disorders, to give eachother advice and support! <br>Non-maintainers are welcome too! :)
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would like to help people!

by alyssaisme in Introduce Yourself on Mar 27

Ive had ED since i was 12. Ana and mia. Im 5'5 1/2 and 105 pounds :) wanna get to 99. Id like some tips and id like to give tips :)

daperksofbeingacauliflower follow my tumblr blog!
Welcome to the Group

by paulmcmariokartney in Introduce Yourself on Dec 01

1. I first tried diets in 3rd grade, (i was like, overweight then) and i wasn't very serious about it and when i was...

would love to have some help!

by elinazi in Eating Disorder Support, Questions, and Discussion on May 15

Hi! I am 15 years old, 172 cm tall. Week ago I was about 49,5 kg. So, I found out that my BMI was about 16,93. Now I...

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