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Why do I sweat so much and how can I stop it?
Asked by anonymous on Jul 30, 2009 in Fitness

I sweat more than a usual person should.  It doesn't matter if I am wearing heavy clothes, or shorts and a tank top; I sweat at a ridiculous rate. I have tried drinking more water, taking cold showers right after a work out, and wearing very light clothing.  Even just going for a five minute walk around the block results in a down pour.  What can I do?  Or what am I doing wrong?


How much you sweat depends on how many sweat glands you have and some people simply have more than others.  Sweating is regulated by the central nervous system, and so you have little control.  It is made worse by exercising in the heat and humidity, as well as by being nervous, eating spicy foods and drinking hot beverages.  You can control for those.  Try to exercise in an air-conditioned gym to keep the heat down or switch to water sports where sweating doesn't matter.  Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition where excessive sweating is limited to the hands, feet and armpits.  It can be treated with prescription medications that prevent stimulation of the sweat glands.  Visit your doctor to see if medications are an option for you.

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