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Can you survive on a primarily liquid diet?
Asked by anonymous on Aug 24, 2008 in Health Conditions

I suffer from severe anxiety and panic, which attacks my throat so I cannot eat most solid food or keep weight on to save my life. I am living off of Ensure, Carnation Instant Breakfast (with milk), and instant mashed potatoes. I am just wondering if that is healthy enough to sustain and, if not, do you know what is high in calories but easy to swallow?


You can survive on a liquid diet but caution is in order. With a product like Ensure, you have to drink six cans a day to meet your nutrient requirements, and even so, you won’t get enough fiber unless you switch to Ensure with Fiber. You can liquefy whole food in a powerful blender but, to prevent food-borne illness, drink the contents immediately, refrigerate the rest, and wash the blender well. Other good foods for a “full liquid diet” include commercial baby food, cooked cereal, creamy rich soups, milk, juices, ice cream, and jello. But realize that this diet is considered to be temporary, and so in addition to working with a mental health therapist on your anxiety, you can get help from a speech therapist that specializes in swallowing disorders.

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