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Does sugar turn into fat during digestion?
Asked by joseorodriguez on Mar 28, 2009 in Nutrition

When picking my foods at the supermarket, I am always concerned about the fat and calorie count, but now I am also concerned about sugar. Is it true that sugar turns into fat after digestion?  Can you please tell me how sugar affects weight gain or weight loss?  How much sugar do I need to consumed daily?


Carbohydrate (sugar) is converted to fat for storage when more calories are than the body needs.  But if you stay within your calorie budget, the sugar-to-fat conversion will be insignificant and your weight will not change.  Added sugar - not natural sugar found in fruit, milk, vegetables and grain - should be limited to 10% of less of total calories.  For you, that is up to 60 grams of carbohydrate from added sugar per day.  Look for added sugars on the ingredient list and avoid foods that list sugar as one of the first three.  Otherwise, identifying added sugars is not easy because natural and added sugars are combined on the Nutrient Facts food label.

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