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Why did I suddenly stop losing weight?
Asked by tempestadesm on Apr 23, 2009 in Weight Loss

Why have I stopped losing weight for the 3rd week in a row?  I am trying hard here, I have no idea why I have stopped losing.  So far, I have lost incredibly 10 kg since I have started to diet and it was so far so good, but now scale does not move from where it was. I haven’t done anything wrong, I swear!!!


People usually reach a weight loss plateau after losing around 10% of their weight, which describes you.  The body simply adapts hormonally to burn fewer calories in an attempt to protect itself.  You could try to:

  • Wait it out for several months before starting to “diet” again (which actually increases your chances of long-term success).
  • Re-set your calorie requirements to match your new weight.  Your calories  dropped from 1650 to 1450 a day for weight loss.
  • Increase your activity level to 60+ minutes every day, which is even more effective if you split it into two sessions (one in the morning and one in the evening).  It helps to add interval- and strength-training too.  Read more about weight loss plateaus from the Guide to Exercise at


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