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Soulful Mixed Greens Recipe

Looking for an easy Soulful Mixed Greens recipe? Learn how to make Soulful Mixed Greens using healthy ingredients.

Submitted by maytyall

Makes 1 serving

This recipe is a family tradition with a new, personalized touch. It's a good holiday side, and may not be good for everyone because of the high fat and salt content. Those that don't like mixed greens love my greens!

Recipe Ingredients for Soulful Mixed Greens

1 serving greens and turnips

Recipe Directions for Soulful Mixed Greens

  1. In a 6qt stockpot, add 4qts of water, salt pork, hamhocks and pork tails; boil for aprox. 1.30 hours. If using turkey, add to pot after 45 min cooking of other meats.NOTE: cooking time of smoked meats can vary, so check for tenderness of skin throughout cooking. Should not be too tender or too tough at this point).

  2. While meats are cooking, pick leaves from stem of mustard and turnip greens, being mindful to leave some stem for nutritional and consistency value. Rinse/wash until leaves and sink no longer contain any grit. Swiss Chard can be picked and rinsed as well, but place separate from other greens.

  3. Water in stockpot should be a milky color after cooking time has elasped; remove salt pork and discard.

  4. Add cleaned mustard and turnip greens(if not enough room in pot, let greens cook down and continue to add until all are in pot) NOTE: If water in pot is above greens once all are added, carefully pour out until just under greens; they make their own water. Continue to do this throughout cooking time if water rises too far above greens).

  5. Once greens have cooked down and all added, add oil, garlic powder, aprox. 2 tblspn of season salt and two tblspn of table salt, peppers, and green bell pepper. Cook for 30-45 min.

  6. As you cook, taste liquid to check for desired flavor ( enough salt, garlic, etc. Add seasonings as desired. If too salty, add more water to cut salt)

  7. NOTE: green bell pepper should cut any bitterness from turnip, if, however still a strong bitter taste, add about a 1/4 cup of sugar)

  8. Add Swiss Chard; cook for aprox. another hour or to desired tenderness.

  9. **The key to making this dish a success, is not too much water, seasoning, which should be monitored throughout cooking, and tenderness. Even the kids will love them!! Add Accent seasoning for a flavor boost.


Side Dish

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