How much sodium should I consume in a day?
Asked by anonymous on Nov 19, 2008 in Nutrition

What is the healthy amount of sodium that I should have in a day?  I am a teen.  Also, will I loose more weight if I eat less sodium?  Are there other things that are effected by the amount of sodium I eat?


You should eat no more than is 2300 mg of sodium per day, although the typical American eats 4000-5000 mg.  You will not lose weight by eating less sodium, but you may prevent high blood pressure when you get older.  Sodium is found mostly in packaged foods, and so look at the sodium content on the food label.  A DV (Daily Value) of 5% or less is low and 20% or more is high.  By comparing the sodium content of similar foods, you can save over hundreds of milligrams of sodium each day.

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