How does SlimCado? compare to avocado?
Asked by sed1949 on Jul 25, 2009 in Weight Loss

My grocery now carries Lite SlimCado with 35%fewer calories and 50% less fat than regular according to the label.  Before I buy one can you tell me what the taste is like compared to regular avocado? I love fresh avocado slices in salad as well as guacamole.


Some people say that, compared to a Hass avocado, SlimCado® tastes less creamy and more bitter and bland than other avocados, but I've never tasted one. (My daughter, however, did say it ruined her guacamole.) SlimCado is a West Indian variety of avocado (Persea americana var. Americana) that has smooth glossy green skin and can weigh up to 2 pounds. SlimCado® does have less fat and calories but it remains a great source of vitamin E, fiber, B-vitamins, potassium, zinc, and monounsaturated fat.  SlimCado avocados are sold from June until the end of July.  Use them as you would use any other avocado.

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