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Added 2010-12-23 20:28:03
From our big state, you?ll get lots of big delicious tastes! Whether you crave a campfire flame roasted smoky flavor or a sweet & zesty taste or even a smooth and creamy Nacho cheese dip, you?ll find just the right Tex-Mex salsa recipe in the SILVER STARŪ line up to make snack time and meal time everything they ought to be ? the best.

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Find in this list:

  • C-  Queso Dip - Medium, Chipotle
  • C-  Queso Dip - Spicy, Macho Nacho
  • C   Salsa - Smooth & Zesty, Mild Cantina Style
  • C   Salsa - Medium, Cilantro & Lime
  • C   Salsa - Medium, Chunky Picante
  • C   Salsa - Medium, Peach Blend
  •     Salsa - Medium, Serrano Ranchero
  • C   Salsa - Hot, Habanero
  • C   Salsa - Medium, Roasted Green
  • B   Salsa - Medium, Flame Roasted
  • C   Salsa - Medium, Chipotle
  • C   Salsa - Medium, Chipotle Smoky Peach
  • B   Salsa - Medium, Mesquite Grilled
  • D-  Sausage Burger - Sweet Italian
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