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Don&#039;t look your ideal size? Do you need motivation and understanding? Do you sometimes have trouble loving your body? If any of these are &#039;yes&#039;, please join this group. <br>I&#039;m not a counselor, or a nutrition freak, I&#039;m a young woman who has been overweight my whole life. I need people like myself to help me through this and learn to lose weight the healthy way, and learn to love my body. But most of all, to gain my confidence back. <br>This group is made for women (5&#039;4 and under) who are having significant trouble losing weight. PLEASE JOIN!
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by flowere in Introduce Yourself on Oct 09

Is this group active? It does not appear so by the dates I see. Anyway, I am short, about 4'11" and 3/4 most of the time...

5&#39;1 202lbs

by shadowslittlemiss in Introduce Yourself on Sep 01

I'm right behind you guys If I don't stop! I'm 4'11 and the last time I weighed myself (wich was like....1-2 months ago) i was 183lbs...

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