SheerBliss Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address SheerBliss Ice Cream
10795 NW 53rd Street, Suite 201
Sunrise, Florida 33351
United States
Phone 888-743-3710
Added 2010-12-28 19:02:06
SheerBliss Ice Cream, of Sunrise, Florida, is the culmination of several years of collaboration to develop a new concept in the ice cream world. SheerBliss Ultra Super Premium Ice Cream was the first and original ice cream company to produce a pomegranate ice cream. SheerBliss has also been recognized for its innovative packaging by using a beautifully decorated metal can. The can protects the integrity of the ice cream by preventing air in the freezer from creating "freezer burn" and the dried-out look and taste so frequently experienced by the waxed paper cardboard containers used by other companies.

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