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Why do I shake after exercise?
Asked by lissardo42 on Nov 02, 2009 in Fitness

Sometimes when I workout, I tend to get very shaky afterwards. My doctor thought it was low blood sugar and had me monitor it, but my blodd sugar stays within normal range. I have high blood pressure so there is little to no caffeine in my diet. The shaking is pretty bothersome and I would like some idea as to why this is happening.


Since your doctor did not find a medical reason for shaking, then look to temporary factors that are under you control.  Are you pushing your body past the limits for someone who is out of shape?  Are your muscles reacting to the exertion of lifting?  Are you adequately hydrated and fed before you begin?  Use this Hydration Calculator to see how much fluid you need (drink before you feel thirsty) and always have a source of liquid carbohydrate, such as juice or a sports drink, before you exercise.  In addition, warm up, cool down and dress correctly for your activity.  And, if you can, use a heart monitor to guide your exercise intensity so that you don't overdo it.

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