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Seal Sama Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address 1519 E. 1700 S.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105
United States
Phone 801-349-9882
Added 2012-07-29 10:31:34
Inspired by the diverse dietary needs of today's Americans - from those with gluten intolerance to those with diabetes to others watching their waistline or their blood pressure - we proudly introduce Seal Sama, an original line of Teriyaki Sauces concocted by sushi chef extraordinaire Peggi Whiting. After many years of making special dishes fo her customers and friends, Peggi's new line of Teriyaki Sauces are original recipes. And, whether you fancy Sugar Free, Low Sodium, Wheat Free or the Chef's Blend sauces, they all taste unbelievable. You've got to try one today.

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