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San Jose and Surrounding Area

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About Us
This is a group for everyone in the San Jose area (or anyone who frequents!)<br><br>Share things to do, discuss local events and hot spots. Attend local area meet ups and make new friends.<br><br>
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Glad to see so many close to me.

by amalone in Introduce Yourself on Oct 10

Hello, My name is Ann and I have been overweight for most of my life. I am a binge eater and a sugarholic. I am at the...

27, in San Jose and hoping to loose 100 pounds

by bonemarrowy2k in Introduce Yourself on Sep 25

hello i just had bypass surgery and i am looking for someone to go on walks in the day time if you are interested lets talk

Hello Everyone

by shesfedup in Introduce Yourself on Mar 07

I'm 36 years old and living in Santa Clara. Been a member on here since 9/2011 but only recently actually started to...

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