How much salmon is too much?
Asked by gweeble81 on Aug 24, 2010 in Nutrition

How often and how much salmon is considered to be too much in a week?


There are dramatic differences between farm-raised and wild salmon, which are reflected in the eating guidelines. The World Health Organization advises no more than 5 meals a month of the average farm-raised salmon, while the Environmental Working Group says 8-ounces a month is the limit. Farm-raised salmon tests above the safe range for a variety of toxic chemicals that enter through highly contaminated fish meal feed. Some of the chemicals can be reduced by discarding the skin and fatty under-skin parts where the toxins accumulate.  Wild salmon, on the other hand, including Sockeye, Chinook and Coho salmon caught in Alaskan waters, can be safely consumed up to twice a day, even by pregnant and breastfeeding women.  Read about the health benefits of salmon at

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