RP's Pasta Company Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Website www.rpspasta.com
Address 1133 East Wilson Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
United States
Phone 877-257-7216
Added 2010-12-18 14:01:34
RP's Pasta products are made with the finest all-natural ingredients, an appreciation for Old World culinary traditions, and most importantly, a love for food. From our Fresh Egg Fettuccine to our Pumpkin Tortelloni to our Pasta Sauces, Master Pasta Maker Peter Robertson, holds quality and flavor to the highest regard in every batch. RP's Pasta is a unique pasta maker, using a meticulous hand-rolled process producing the highest quality pasta for restaurants and grocery stores. Our labor intensive hand-rolled process is the best way to produce pasta with true "al'Dente" texture. We feel that our artisian hand made process is the only way to determine when the dough is ready to be cut into our delicate fine pasta.

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