Can I get rid of that hanging roll after a C-section?
Asked by nicolae_anna on Aug 24, 2008 in Family & Pregnancy

I had a C-section on March 24th and I have this hanging flap of flab for lack of better word. My whole stomach looks loose and flabby, but I was anticipating this. I wasn't worried about it before the C-section because I knew with exercise and some hard work I could look much like I did before I got pregnant. BUT, I've heard numerous times that because of the way I was cut (along the bikini line) there is no hope for my stomach to look even remotely like it did before pregnancy. I've hear that ONLY a tummy tuck will fix that, I don't want to resort to surgery unless I HAVE too. I want to try it on my own. Is it possible to loose that flap to the extent I would have if I had given birth to Landon vaginally? Or is surgery my only hope?


In the months following a C-section, the scar has a raised, puffy and discolored appearance.  But as time goes by, the scar shrinks and the coloring matches the surrounding skin.  Extra fat in the abdominal area can make the scar look like a pouch, but it will flatten as you lose the fat by following a low calorie diet and by doing cardio-type exercise.  Moves that strengthen the core muscles, like Pilates, also help to flatten the area. The problem is that most women just aren’t able to work long and hard enough to see those results.  Look at this woman's scar 2 years and 8 months after giving birth.

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