What is a regular carbohydrate vs. a concentrated carbohydrate?
Asked by anonymous on Jul 03, 2008 in Nutrition

I don't understand the difference between regular carbohydrates and concentrated carbohydrates.  I would like food examples of each.


“Concentrated carbohydrates” describe gels and drinks that supply athletes with lots of carbohydrate in a small volume.  “Concentrated sweets” describe high-sugar foods, like soda, syrup, jam, candy, cakes, cookies and dried fruit, that are digested rapidly and quickly release glucose into the bloodstream; however, it might not be so simple according to the Glycemic Index, which ranks foods on how fast they release glucose. “Simple carbohydrates” found in table sugar, soda and fruit juice, are made of small sugar molecules, while “complex carbohydrates”, found in grains, beans, and vegetables, are made of long-chains of sugar.  Think of “concentrated carbohydrate” as sugar and “regular carbohydrate” as starch.

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