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Redneck Whisky Wing Sauce Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address 602 Greene Street
Key West, Florida 33040
United States
Phone 800-243-3877
Added 2011-01-26 23:18:22
Touted as a chicken depilatory as well as a wing sauce, the scotch bonnet-based Redneck Whisky Wing Sauce will have your biscuits a'burnin' in no time flat! Real rednecks know it ain't bonafide wif'out a bit o' booze in it, so the whisky flavoring adds to the authenticity as well as the taste. Packaged in a flask-shaped bottle (naturally), so you probably ought to avoid drinking this out of the bottle with your buddies while swerving past parked state troopers playing banjo chase music and waving pitchforks!!!!

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