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Red Rose Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address Redco Foods, Inc.
100 Northfield Drive
Windsor, Connecticut 06095
United States
Phone (877) 248-2477
Added 2010-12-30 00:13:28
The story of Red Rose tea began way back in 1894 in Canada. Theodore Harding Estabrooks was born in Wicklow, Carleton County, New Brunswick in 1861. He attended Kerrís Business College in Saint John, New Brunswick and went into business himself in 1894 on Dock Street in downtown Saint John. He was a local business leader that came up with a great idea...produce and pack a quality blended tea that was consistent from cup to cup. Before that, tea was sold loose from tea chests by local merchants and quality varied a great deal. Mr. Estabrooks innovation meant that tea lovers could count on the quality of tea in every Red Rose package - a tradition that continues to this day.

Parent Company:

Redco Foods, Inc.

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