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By +Janice D'Agostino on Jan 27, 2012 10:00 AM in Recipes

"Once you have mastered a technique, you barely have to look at a recipe again." - Julia Child

I estimate that there are about 800 million bloggers and food writers in the world all merrily posting their favorite recipes each day. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but there sure are a lot of them. I know this because one of my favorite ways to get a new idea for a recipe is to search the web. Search just the word “recipe”. Go ahead, I'll wait here. Are you back? I got 422,000,000 different  meal possibilities; how many did you get? While you were gone, I modified my search to "recipe braise" and turned up an astonishing 10,600,000 possibilities! Still way too many choices and not enough hours before dinner to look them all over.

You likely have a few favorite websites for recipes. Obviously, I love The CC Palate and Mindful Palate, but those are only two of my favorites. My next favorite recipe source is Calorie Count. You may be here to lose weight. You may be here to gain weight. Both of these excellent reasons require an understanding of calories, serving size, and nutrition facts - and nobody does that better than Calorie Count! Cooking a meal yourself helps keep you in control of all the ingredients. Fortunately for all of us, a lot of great cooks share their recipes right here.

It's easy to search Calorie Count’s recipe database.

  1. Look in the upper right hand side of any page for the place where you would usually search for the calories in a food.
  2. By the word Food you will see a little drop down list arrow.
  3. Click it and select Recipes.
  4. Then type in what you want to find in the field to the left.

I typed the word “Braise”, hit Enter on my keyboard, and got 69 results. A much more manageable number of recipes to deal with. Because the recipes are sometimes just reminders for the poster or just for logging, it's a good idea to check to see that the directions are included. Some of you will be able to take the word "braise", a list of ingredients, and know exactly to do. If you are a novice cook though, look for the recipes that give you all the directions and pick the one in your calorie range that sounds absolutely delicious.

Braising simply means that you brown the meat or veggies in a little fat and then simmer in a little liquid in a covered container until done. When you braise do not cover the ingredients entirely in liquid (then you'd be stewing not braising). Here are a few of the great braising recipes I found at Calorie Count!

Braised Hailbut

Braised Mushrooms

Apple Braised Chicken

Braised Brisket & Roots

Lemon Braised Artichokes

Cinnamon Braised Lamb Chops

Braised Pork with Chile Verde

Braised Pak Choi

Your thoughts…

Have you tried searching for recipes at Calorie Count? Do you post your recipes at Calorie Count so we can all enjoy them? What is your favorite Calorie Count recipe discovery? If you have a recipe and would like it to be considered for The CC Palate, pm it to me hereThis article may be reprinted (including bio) with prior permission from the author.



I live for the recipe section. Mostly, because I have terrible food allergies, so I have to make many of my own recipes from scratch. This way, I have a recipe saved, I know the nutritional count of what I make and eat and it makes it easy to log something I make often. 


I've only just started using it regularly, but I LOVE the recipe analyzer and ability to save my own stuff!

My favorite thing to do is pick up a few ingredients and search the web for a recipe idea.  I usually end up modifying it to my own tastes and calorie wishes (dropping unnecessary fats, substituting tofu for meat as I'm a veggie, etc.) and with the tools here I can quickly understand my calorie count and nutrition AND save it for next time I want something yummy.

It really helps with the question that has followed my welocme home greeting for the past 20 years... Hi Mom, what's for dinner. :) 

Funny this article should be posted now. Right before reading this I was searching through the pulled pork recipes. I never follow a recipe, but I look at them to get ideas and then I run with it. My family calls me a natural cook... too bad I hate baking, then I could make my own gluten free breads instead of buying it. If I liked baking more then I could make a gluten free bread that had a lot more nutrition and fiber then the options in the stores. Oh well. maybe one day.

I also just look at a recipe and the ingredients and then just run with it. I never realized it was a natural talent, until my sister in law and best friend told me that they can not do this, but instead have to follow the recipe. I also can not bake. My last cake resembled the leaning tower. For anyone who is looking for a lot of spice with low calories & fat, try cooking with peppers in adobo sauce. A little goes a long way. Goes into crock pot with beef, chicken, or as a dip with low fat sour cream… great stuff if you like Spicy!      


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Thanks - I never noticed the recipe section before!  I will be using it!

I LOVE the recipe builder feature.  I cook from scratch and often create my own recipes so seeing the nutrition information is a huge bonus.  Using this also helps me make healthy and tasty substitutions.  THANKS CC for this wonderful feature.

I love the fact that I can put my recipe's in here and have my calorie count determined.  I use it all the time, and I always make sure I click the button to make it available site wide....hey, I love to share! 

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