Why do raisins and craisins have so much sugar?
Asked by lee0harwell on Mar 03, 2009 in Nutrition

How is it that raisins have so much sugar, but it's not listed as an ingredient?  Is it a natural sweetness? I am also curious about craisins.  Do they have as much sugar? Both are very delicious and I have a hard time eating just a little bit of both!


Raisins are made by drying grapes in the sun.  The drying process concentrates the natural sugar in grapes to make raisins taste much sweeter.  Craisins are also dried but since cranberries cranberries are extremely tart,  they are soaked in corn sugar syrup first.  Raisins and craisins have a similar nutrient profile and make a healthy snack and ingredient.  Both are very high in sugar and so the serving size is small - 2 tablespoons of raisins or crasins equals one fruit.

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