Which protein powders are best for after a gastric bypass?
Asked by anonymous on Oct 05, 2008 in Health Conditions

I had a gastric bypass 6 weeks ago, and I am having trouble getting enough protein.  I am confused by all the protein powders.  How often should I drink them?


Most doctors prescribe 60 grams of protein a day after weight loss surgery. Very high protein shakes satisfy about 60% of your protein requirements in 18 – 24 ounces a day. Whey protein powder mixed with milk is a good choice because it is well-utilized by the body and widely available in grocery stores. Sip on 3-ounce servings in between "meals" seven times a day.  For your mini-meals, choose very small portions of high protein foods such as eggs, fish, chicken, and cheese to complete your protein intake.  Designer Whey shakes and Unjury shakes are often recommended by health professionals.

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