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Weight Loss Why would I gain a pound a day? Jul 10 2008
23:53 (UTC)
you gotta get some cardio in at least once a week or weight lifting because it seems your metabolism is slowing down
Weight Loss My weight loss secret... went from 200 pounds during pregnancy to 114 pounds now Nov 06 2007
19:48 (UTC)
abbynormal There's settings you could twink so that it doesn't have crazy steps.  The way I do it is that I don't have the "gallop" steps on.  All I have is jumps and normal arrows.  In work out mode you could just put in the opinion it asks before you start to turn work out step on and that'll take out all the fast arrows and in work out mode it also doesn't matter if you miss steps, there'll never be a game over and you could keep burning calories and it'll show you even if you miss steps but still press a arrow with your feet
Weight Loss My weight loss secret... went from 200 pounds during pregnancy to 114 pounds now Nov 06 2007
19:44 (UTC)
pgeorgian Nov 02 2007 15:39 "going outside is also good.

sorry, but i hate this video game culture.  i'm sure you've all seen the new crib toys that basically train infants to fall asleep in front of the TV.  it's sickening."

Oh i'm all for going out if possible but what I meant was since I was a new mother and barely any time or babysitter it was much more convenient for me to work out at home while watching my son and recovering from my c-section.  I think DDR is perfect for anyone that has little time to do much or just plain and simple don't feel like going out. 
Weight Loss Fallen off the wagon big time and now trying to figure out... Nov 02 2007
19:03 (UTC)
I get bored of food fast so I always tried to look up new ideas to change things up.  Pasta is very versatile and if you just eat a cup and make it whole wheat pasta that helps and you could do so much to pasta!  Also my favorite was homemade pizza.  I used a whole wheat pita and added low fat shredded cheese.  You could add mushrooms, grape tomatoes, anything.  :)  I do my groceries online which helps tons when looking at calories and nutrition.  Not sure if it's available in your state but i order from

One thing that helped me not "graze" because usually I grazed out of other reasons other then hunger was that i would buy pants one size smaller then I needed and oddly enough it reminded me that I needed to lose that weight and fit it.  It's uncomfortable but I only did that while I was at home not outside. 

Weight Loss How many lbs. do you lose per week? Apr 30 2007
22:19 (UTC)
lately since i'm sooo close to my goal weight which is 120 i've been losing only ounces per week.  it's fustrating how close I am compared to how I first started 172 and now I'm stuck at 128
Weight Loss what does 1 serving mean Apr 21 2007
03:17 (UTC)
this is confusing...  So if I eat less then 2000 calories per day what could 1 serving be?  
Weight Loss why did they remove my topic asking what 1 serving meant? Apr 21 2007
00:04 (UTC)
wow I had no idea and I apologize.  I had no idea that that wasn't allowed.  I figured bad words aren't allowed but I didn't think that the abbreviation wouldn't allowed either.  Since when though?  Is this new?  I didn't type the word out?  Oh well i'll let it go and watch more carefully next time then
Weight Loss Bad Binge Apr 20 2007
23:56 (UTC)
nah.  especially if you weighed yourself the same day or the day after.  It's water because of sodium.  One day isn't going to do much harm
Weight Loss I never ate this much my entire life! Apr 20 2007
23:49 (UTC)
When I get sugar cravings I just freeze grapes and munch on that.  
Foods Is Salad Limitless? Apr 20 2007
23:47 (UTC)
Well I don't see why not unless you add tons of dressing on it but usually salad barely has any calories.  It should say how much it has on the site.  My problem with eating salad is that it never fills me up so matter how much of it I eat I eventually need a real warm meal 
Weight Loss If a calorie is a calorie, why do I gain when eating out? Apr 20 2007
23:32 (UTC)
I'm glad someone pointed this out.  I had no idea ice cream of all things had sodium jeez.  That's probably true about the sodium because when I cook at home I never gain.

Do perservitives cause this too?  I was going to make a topic about how I didn't understand how I could a frozen dinner which is usually healthy choice which never goes past probably 360 calories each and I gain from that but when I cook and it's around that range or sometimes more, I don't gain.  Could it be sodium also or the chemicals too?
Weight Loss If a calorie is a calorie, why do I gain when eating out? Apr 20 2007
21:06 (UTC)
I wanted to know the same thing!  Everytime I eat something even if I keep the calorie count by the end of the day low I still gain if it's junk.  Even ice cream does this to me.  Is it because I eat it usually at night?  I thought it didn't make a difference at what time you eat
Health & Support Constipation Apr 19 2007
03:09 (UTC)
maybe you have IBS like me.  I get constipated from being stressed ugh... it's annoying.  You should look it up and see if you might have that and see what diet changes you could do to help relieve it
Weight Loss I'm not hungry, what's wrong with me? Apr 19 2007
03:07 (UTC)
well that's simple, just make up the calories by drinking milk or a protein shake.  Milk doesn't make me feel over-full if it's just a cup and I believe whole milk one cup is 150 calories so that should make it up
Weight Loss Dieting and Marriage, oh my! Apr 19 2007
03:04 (UTC)
tenaciousa I feel the same way :(  I'm a new mom and my body looks so different now, I have no friends to talk to, I live away from my mom and my bf works while i'm home all day with my son.  I guess I too, want to just feel a little bit more myself if i'd just go back to how I was before.  Maybe i'm holding on to a little bit of myself that I was before
Weight Loss Dieting and Marriage, oh my! Apr 19 2007
02:59 (UTC)
she totally sounds like me but my boyfriend made it be known that he wasn't that interested.  Everytime I told him how much I lost he'd be like wow and cheer me on but when I got into talking about how much calories i've eatten he'll change the convo subtly.  Granted, I could tell he wasn't interested but at least I got the hint nicely and said a few things here and there but not went crazy about it.

I stopped being such a calorie counting freak when I finally got to a weight that I was comfortable on so maybe it'll be the same for your wife?

Also your wife probably feels bad if you eat junk in front of her when she's trying so hard to keep away from that.  I suggest you eat the stuff you love while she's eating her smaller portion/healthy food.  That's how me and my bf do it.  I don't feel like craving that because i'm getting full by something else.
Weight Loss How Much Do You Fluctuate Each Day? Apr 04 2007
19:13 (UTC)
omg when I read this I thought that it said "flatulence" lmao!
Weight Loss Is it normal to gain weight during your period? Apr 04 2007
17:54 (UTC)
I didn't know.  thanks 
Weight Loss What size do you dream about! Mar 31 2007
17:29 (UTC)
I want to go to a 6 or a 4 ^__^
Weight Loss Tips for eating at restaurants Mar 31 2007
17:16 (UTC)
thanks for the info