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Calorie Count Recommendation: Save an Entire Meal Sep 18 2007
17:11 (UTC)

glad you got it working wemis! Cool



The Lounge Anyone from NC? Sep 15 2007
04:37 (UTC)

sorry for responding so late...

we (my wife and I) are adjusting well. we love the area and can't wait to see 4 seasons...san antonio only gets 1 1/2 (or 2 if we're lucky!) Wink


Calorie Count Weight Log won't update properly Sep 15 2007
04:33 (UTC)

uh-oh...sounds like you lost your data! Frown


did you email support? i think that might be the only hope to get your data back. 

Calorie Count how do i search for someone? Sep 15 2007
04:30 (UTC)

this is a perfect example...

i did what you said and i ended up on the "people" tab with a "find a friend" search page. but when i click on the "people" tab it goes back to my profile and there is not a "find a friend" link or option.

there are a ton of hidden links and pages that do not have a logical path to access them. too many clicks to do simple, repetitive tasks (like accessing your tagged items... Cry

Calorie Count how do i search for someone? Sep 15 2007
04:27 (UTC)
thx...this is a great site, but a lot of the functionality and features are hidden...needs a touch of user-friendliness on the next update.
Calorie Count adding directly frmo the label Sep 13 2007
20:37 (UTC)

so how do we get to the point where the food database is user-driven? there have been a lot of items that i have had to add manually and would love it if there was a system where a person could submit a food item, that item be reviewed for accuracy and approved by say 1 or 2 other people, and then that item be added as a "normal" food item.


(reaches for "contact us" link)


Calorie Count Weight Log won't update properly Sep 13 2007
20:33 (UTC)
you should still be able to log in to the old first question is, have you tried that and verified your information is all still there?
Calorie Count Recommendation: Save an Entire Meal Sep 13 2007
02:52 (UTC)

hey there!

  1. make sure the items you want to combine for a meal all have the same tag. one of my meals is 1 cup kashi go lean crunch cereal and 1/2 cup soymilk. both items are tagged "kashi & 1/2 soymilk"
  2. under your "tagged items" tab, in the area where your tags are click on the blue "+" icon to the right of the tag name. do not click on the name itself!!
  3. you should then be at the food log page and have each of the items listed to add for the day with your meal selection drop down

for example:
Item 2 item(s) with user tag kashi12soymilk
53 grams, 240 calories

Remember, adding items this way will not allow you to modify serving size, so if you eat different sizes/amounts you may want to create a "bundle" for each one.

let me know if that helps!!! Cool

Weight Loss Overeating at DINNER!!! (any other teens with this problem?) Sep 12 2007
18:53 (UTC)
  1. like cinco suggested...find out what is going into the meals and create a custom recipe. it will analyze nutritional content for you.
  2. someone already mentioned drinking a glass of water before you eat
  3. eat slow...i was a big snarfy eater that would inhale my food. i started eating much slower and it helps TONS. i chew anywhere from 25-40 times before i swallow. and i put down my fork between bites. oh, and did i mention my heartburn and IBS went away also?
  4. fill your plate, then eat 1/2. save the other 1/2 for later or the next day. now that i have gotten used to eating less, i know that i will eat dinner around 5-6 and then need to eat again around 8-9. usually go to bed at 11.
  5. like last item, eat less but more frequently. breakfast around 8, snack at 10, lunch around 12-1, afternoon snack about 3, dinner at 5-6, late snack 8-9

i think most likely you are eating are not giving your stomach a chance to tell your brain you are already full. HTH! Laughing

Weight Loss -> Do Ellipticals Make Your Calves Bigger? Sep 12 2007
00:36 (UTC)

any exercise you do that involves a stepping (climbing not just walking) motion (stair master, elliptical, etc.) will generally increase your muscle mass in your quads (thighs) and calves. your calves more so if you are on the balls of your feet and dont have your foot flush with the petals.

as a previous poster was saying, the long running is good for toning, not building the muscle (increasing mass). the same is for high repetition/low weight weight lifting. how you exercise determines which muscle type (1 - slow twitch or 2 - fast twitch) you build up. type 1, slow twitch muscles are smaller, more toned, and better at performing at a moderate pace for an extended period of time (think running a marathon). type 2, fast twitch muscles are bigger, more "ripped", and better at performing at very high levels for very short periods of time (body builders).

More info at wikipedia.



Calorie Count see everyone's log Sep 10 2007
17:52 (UTC)
i am interested to see if this works...
Calorie Count Recommendation: Save an Entire Meal Sep 10 2007
17:31 (UTC)

AHA! That is awesome coach k it worked! Laughing

I had tried the recipe route, but you can't include user defined items in your recipes (i.e., kirkland organic soymilk).

The tags thing is a good why isnt there a "tips" or "FAQ" page with all these nuggets of information??? so much of a pain to dig through piles of garbage posts ("will this snickers make me fat?" "how many calories are there in a 1/2 a stick of celery without the veins?") on the forum trying to find answers! Yell

+1 rep (if we had that feature) 


Calorie Count Individual Meal Analysis Sep 07 2007
17:41 (UTC)
yea, i like this idea to be able to filter the analysis. I made a related recommendation for the meals.
The Lounge Anyone from NC? Sep 06 2007
22:00 (UTC)
here in a transplant from san antonio, tx. moved here this past may.

heat and water restrictions are nothing new to me! :)
Calorie Count The Great Big Ad!!! GRRRR!!! Sep 06 2007
21:52 (UTC)
adblock plus will block anything and everything you want. its like the ads were never there to begin with... Wink
Calorie Count The Great Big Ad!!! GRRRR!!! Sep 02 2007
14:25 (UTC)

Firefox with Adblock Plus

Calorie Count That stupid jiggling sign on the right, on the right Sep 02 2007
02:03 (UTC)

Firefox with Adblock Plus


Calorie Count SUGGESTION - Food Log Aug 31 2007
18:17 (UTC)

Sent this as feedback under the "Tell us what you think" link.


Foods About how many calories does this meal have? Aug 30 2007
20:35 (UTC)


keep in mind, just a guideline. and ditto to the others, search is your friend.  Wink