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Im a 17 year old femalllllllle and i currently struggle with anorexia :(

im trying to gain weight and its not going at any pace but lemmie tell you, this time (thanks to all the lovely inspirational girlies on here!) IM DETERMINED!

bit more? i smoke way too much to be healthy, im originally from scotland UK but recently moved to england.
i have an unhealthy addiction to oatmeal, cereal and diet irn bru!

and i bake wicked cakes :)


Pre E-D weight - 95lbs
eating disorder number 1 (compulsive over eating) weight - 145lbs
eating disorder number 2 (anorexia nervosa) weight - 70lbs
current weight - 79-81lbs
goal weight - 95-98lbs.

Interests 5: baking and cooking, calories :|, dancing, shopping (mainly for food ;)), walking
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