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Fitness Anti balance trainers; good or bad?? Jan 12 2012
02:50 (UTC)

Great question. I'm also curious about this because they seem interesting but I've always been afraid to try them (I have weak ankles and easily injured knees/hips).

Weight Loss Is this a problem?? ... Jan 11 2012
02:04 (UTC)

Definitely a huge myth. No true science behind it (I'm a biochemistry major and have discussed it at length with doctors and UCLA professors). A small breakfast MAY leave you hungry enough to snack too much during the day, but as long as you are physically satisfied with your breakfast size, then you can save some of those calories for night time. Don't even worry about it.

Weight Loss Huge Boobs Jan 11 2012
01:58 (UTC)

ndeblock: Those sports bras definitely look worth a try. My family would never just hand me money, but I will try and save up to get one. Running without one arm around my breasts would be great for a change!! And I know what you mean about the groping. Not so much in college anymore, but in junior high and high school if someone didn't believe me when I said they weren't fake, the person would just help themselves to "testing" whether I was lying or not. Very traumatic. Made me quite suicidal. Next time someone touches you like that, punch them in the face. For both of us. :)


jnielsen006: Thanks for sharing your story. It DOES help to get some perspective from the other end of things. Though I'm still way jealous of you. I would just skip wearing the bra altogether and run around pretending to be a flat little ballerina. Lalalalala so fun.


yojss4you: The problem with upper body exercises is they add muscle to your top bits (making me look even bigger up there). So I have a strict policy only to do cardio and LOWER body weight exercises. That way, I get a bit more proportional. That thing your mom said about letting guys suck on them totally freaks me out (not that I'm secure enough about them to ever let a guy do that). I dunno if it would really make them bigger, but I can bet it would make the nipples bigger (that "nursed nipples" look).  I'm sorry to hear you're self-conscious about your clothes, too. It's not fair, is it? *sigh*


memphiskate: I'm not 106 anymore. I gained a lot and I'm 130 now. But even when I was 106 I had the same problem as your friend. Size for pants and huge shirts (or the really stretchy kind that look slutty) what what I could wear.  So as of right now I have a giant hoodie sweatshirt than I wear every time I leave the house (no matter what the temperature). It's the best solution I know of. And the scars wouldn't be discrete on me. I'm pale as porcelain and I scar REALLY badly (bright purple angry things). I'm jealous of your friend though. I bet she is so much happier.


tina0367: I do try to focus on the positives, but with major depressive disorder and social anxiety, it's hard not to immediately jump to the negatives about myself when interacting with people in person. Thank you for the encouragement. I know it's something I need to work on (part of my new year's resolution, actually).



Weight Loss Huge Boobs Jan 10 2012
09:41 (UTC)

Like I already mentioned. I'm a broke college student with no medical insurance.

Weight Loss Huge Boobs Jan 10 2012
05:49 (UTC)

m_despres: I don't want to look "sexy" all the time. I'm more the kind of girl who wants to be cutesy. "Sexy" is great for some, but it just doesn't fit my personality. I worry it won't get easier with time. It's only gotten worse the longer I've lived. Thanks for your words of encouragement though. It still helps.


hannahhunt1: Yes, exactly! Clothes are so restricted for me. You don't even want to know the stories of what happens when I go out in a low cut dress. It's like something out of a sitcom the way the guys act (which adds a level of insecurity to my relationships as well). Regarding bras: I can't shop at VS (too pricey). But the bras I wear keep them plenty perky. Nothing worse than large breasts down to your belly button by the time you're 30, so I'm allllll about support.  Anyway, hearing that you can relate to my story already makes me feel better. Thanks so much. *hug*


ladyconcierge: Mine definitely inhibit my activities. Can't run or jump or do any dance that involves too much bouncing. Not without major pain anyway. But I can't afford a reduction. I'm a broke college student. :(

Weight Loss I gained a pound! what could have caused it? Mar 26 2010
23:19 (UTC)

It's just water. Water causes weight to fluctuate a few pounds throughout the day. If you've eaten extra sodium lately, you'll retain the water longer as well. It will be gone soon, don't even worry.

Fitness Hula Hoop Calories burned and do you huff? Mar 25 2010
04:32 (UTC)

Haha, no but I can imagine it is quite a bit harder than real hula hooping since it's designed for fitness. Too bad I don't have a Wii :(

Fitness Hula Hoop Calories burned and do you huff? Mar 24 2010
22:24 (UTC)

Well, if you're bad at hula-hooping then I can understand the exertion because you have to wiggle all over the place to keep it up. :P

But if you're decent at hula hooping, then you realize the trick is to not move more than a very slight sway in either direction (like, three inches of sway or less). Let the hoop propel itself and just give it a small boost with your hip as it crosses the appropriate area. You're moving not even three inches per rotation, so when you're good at hula hooping I can't see it burning more calories than regular standing would.

It's no different than shifting your weight from foot to foot while waiting in line or something. At least the way I do it. I suppose theoretically I could figure out a way to do it in a more complicated manner.

Weight Loss How do you feel when someone compliments your weight loss? Mar 24 2010
08:02 (UTC)

I'd like to add one more thing since another poster brought it up:

Someone calling me skinny or tiny doesn't bother me since it's not a comparison to my old self and has no implications that my OLD self was inferior to my current self. It is only the "You look great now" or "Wow you look really thin lately" that upsets me.

Compliments from strangers who met me after the weight loss are much easier to take gracefully than compliments from people who knew me back when I was chubby, if that makes sense.

Fitness Hula Hoop Calories burned and do you huff? Mar 24 2010
06:58 (UTC)

I've noticed the same thing. Hula Hooping is laughingly easy. When I was a kid I could do it for hours on end (for contests for the D.A.R.E program) and I'd not even break a sweat or feel tired (maybe a tummy ache but that's it).

Recently at work I won a hula-hooping contest and went for an incredibly long time with NO exertion. I barely moved.

Weight Loss calories versus points Mar 20 2010
19:51 (UTC)

Agree with some of the above posters. WW might help you a bit, but it's just made up by people as a way to make money. That doesn't meant it doesn't work, but it is less accurate and often expensive. Calories are real things, not a marketing ploy, so you'd probably want to learn to monitor them at SOME point because you can't be a WW customer your whole life.


WW is kind of like training wheels for calorie counting I think, hehe!

Weight Loss How do you feel when someone compliments your weight loss? Mar 20 2010
19:47 (UTC)

I know just how you feel. I lost something like 20 lbs total, and people would comment about it like it was a huge difference. To me, this was upsetting because it's not like I was super overweight to begin with (chubby @ close to 130, but not THAT huge). So for them to comment makes it seem like I was huge before, so that retroactively shakes my self-esteem.  :(

You know what I hate?! Because I am insecure I always play it down when I'm asked how much I lost. I say 10 pounds usually instead of 20. And then they ARGUE with me!! They say "No way, you've lost way more than that!" Like it's so obvious and they think I'm in denial about how fat I was.

The Lounge Help my cat! Sep 19 2009
01:59 (UTC)

Just saw the photos in your gallery. Wow, he's beautiful (and so is his sister)! My cats are orange tabbies (the faded kind like him) and tortoiseshells like his sister! What a coincidence <3

The Lounge Help my cat! Sep 19 2009
01:57 (UTC)

Poor baby. My kitty also plucks out her fur and chews her skin when she gets anxious (which is a lot of the time). It's heartbreaking. :(

Just like people, kitties sometimes have psychological issues. Unfortunately, you can't diagnose a cat with generalized anxiety disorder by sitting down and talking to him, and you can't give him medication for his problems.

What helps my cat is catnip. When she's obviously uncomfortable or hyper I will try and play with her and use up her energy, but when she's not responsive to playing, I give her some catnip to roll in and she calms right down.

It sounds like you are already doing quite a lot to keep him happy, and that's really observant and caring of you. He's lucky to have such a great family!!

Weight Loss Still losing weight, but stomach getting BIGGER! Sep 19 2009
01:11 (UTC)

You said you don't think you're losing muscle. Contrary to your assumption, losing muscle would actually make your tummy SMALLER, not bigger.

If you are GAINING muscle in that area (lots of sit ups or other exercise that targets the stomach), then this could definitely cause the extra three inches of girth.

Foods Food just doesn't taste good. Sep 19 2009
01:03 (UTC)
Original Post by katiedoe:

Maybe you are suffering from anxiety or depression.  This can alter your eating habbits and sleep.  It is o.k. if you are, as lots of people do at one point in their life.  If you think this may be the cause maybe you can talk to a friend or counseller? 


I definitely second this. Major life changes can cause different levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. This can be something obvious like depression or anxiety, or it can be more a more subtle reaction to stress in general. Especially if you're feeling lonely.

The symptoms you describe are often related to some of these (or other) mental health concerns. I'd talk to a doctor about it right away.

Weight Loss Is this an unhealthy habit? Sep 19 2009
00:57 (UTC)

I dunno if it's healthy on a regular basis (because you're substituting less-nutritious food for the nutritious food), but I do it all the time anyway, and it works like a charm for losing weight when you know you can't resist over-eating at a nice dinner.

If you're doing it a few times a month or less, you're totally fine I'm sure. I tend to eat out about once per week and I do the same thing you do.


Weight Loss Does being fat make you tired? Sep 19 2009
00:52 (UTC)

No, actually being chubby left me with more energy usually. Since I lost some of my weight, I am always tired.


It sucks, I'll wake up at 1 in the afternoon, do a few minimal things (like check email or go to the store or go to class) and I'm already exhausted. I practically fall asleep in class or while I'm driving. I get home and either nap, or go into a coma in front of the tv for a couple of hours. Then I get hungry and have an energy boost (just enough energy to go make an easy dinner), but the minute I'm done eating, I have to go to sleep.

I sleep about 16-20 hours a day on average.  :(

I am almost positive it's due to my depression, so could that be your problem? You feel less motivated, more tired, even physically weak. Like your body just doesn't care? It's worth looking into if you can't find other causes...

Motivation I was called a Panda........ Sep 13 2009
20:36 (UTC)
Original Post by robin9395:

Patience is a virtue, the ability to not judge somebody based on whether or not they have a "cute" face or any other physical attribute is a virtue.  Physical cuteness is merely an accident of birth, not a virture.  The sweetest, most loved person I have ever met in my 63 years was very overweight, had stringy (but clean) hair and a glass eye.  She was physically very unattractive.  She would also give you the shirt off her back, though she was very poor.  She always had a kind word for everyone.  She wasn't screwed; she was absolutely loved by everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who knew her.  Being cute or adorable doesn't, as a rule, last forever; a kind heart does.  Please forgive me, if I sound "preachy," but I guess I was just put off a little by your "cute face" comment.  We all have a right to our own "ideals." 

You should know, that I 100% agree with you. Without exception. I was trying to give the response that would be most comforting to the OP. In general, a cute face is something a person can't acquire through effort, but weight loss is. I do not judge others on their physical appearance (never ever have), but the rest of society obviously does. Since I personally am ashamed of my own face, I thought it would comfort her to hear that she's a lot prettier than she thinks compared to some of us (not that it SHOULD matter, but it obviously does to her).

My dislike for my own features stems from BDD (I'm working on those issues though), and not any sort of shallowness I have towards anyone else on this planet.

Since the OP was complaining about being judged negatively toward her appearance, I was trying to help by complimenting her appearance. Sorry if I seemed like I was contributing to the superficial cults that the rest of society embraces so excitedly.

And apologies to the OP if my compliments of her face only made things worse. I guess I put my foot in my mouth.



EDIT: Oh, and when I used the term "my own ideals" I meant for myself (because of the self-esteem and BDD issues). I don't think SHE is somehow a better or worse person for her appearance. Again, I think that came out completely wrong. Sorry.

Weight Loss What made YOU realize you HAD to lose weight? Sep 13 2009
01:22 (UTC)

anglej, that one would suck, because then you'd also feel guilty for thinking they were so fat when they are actually the same size as you! So it's a double blow. Not only are you fat, but you are judgmental too?! (At least, that's how I feel when it happens to me)