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Weight Loss I can't believe I did it! May 03 2009
15:19 (UTC)
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check out the link...its a couch to 5k plan

Weight Loss Hydroxycut May 03 2009
13:47 (UTC)

Thanks for sharing...I am always skeptical of such products because five or ten years down the road you find out about these stypes of situations.  I know so many people who have taken it.  Also, when a person stops he/she ends of reverting back to what they were before plus more.  TG the old fashion way works for me!!

Health & Support I need support....again Apr 14 2009
15:06 (UTC)

Ok, forgive yourself.  Its ok.  We all have moments when we haven't done the best we could have done.  Once you learn to forgive yourself you can return to your goal, not that you really left your goal in the first place.  Let go of the guilt you have assoicated with your tangent and get back on the course.  Once you learn that you are not a bad person or wrong for doing what you did it will be alot easier for you to get back on track.  

This process is not only physical but mental/emotional, spiritual and social.  Try to figure out why you did what you did so that you are better prepared to deal with it should the issue arise again.

Keep going, don't give up!!Wink 

Life is GOLDEN!

Motivation I hate cheat days! Apr 13 2009
22:09 (UTC)

Budget for the additional calories:

Method 1:  Have a cheat treat within your daily caloric intake range. Example:

1500 calories/day...budget for a treat at 130 calories so that 1370 are budgeted for your healthy eating for the day. Also exercise as you normally would.

Method 2: Increase your normal caloric target from 150-500 calories for the cheat day only.  Example:

1500 calories/day...increase calories for that day only to 2000.  Keep to your healthy 1500 calories and 500 for indulgence.  That way you can budget for an increase in calories through planning.

Its a great balance of control and indulgence. 

Make sure you continue to exercise as you normally would.

These are my thoughts and it works for me.