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Fitness Looking for the best new women's cross training sneakers Apr 26 2010
23:45 (UTC)

Thanks for the input!

The issues with finding the perfect shoes for me is that I live in a small town in Canada and the nearest full service shopping center is about 2 hours away.  To put this in perspective, I went to every shoe store in town and only found 3 cross trainers that were even worth trying on.  There is also the fact that shoes run almost 2x the price here (due to exchange rates).  I was therefore toying with the idea of ordering shoes online.  I know I can probably take the company's description at face value since, like you said, they get pretty specific.  If anyone had a rave review for a particular new shoe I would first try to find it locally, but barring that, maybe take the chance if it sounds right for me.

The Lounge Humanism. Nov 22 2007
15:13 (UTC)
Erasmus can be horridly boring, but it's definitely worth the read if you can work through it.  I had to read it for a seminar class on scholasticism a few years ago, but I'll be darned if I can remember a single specific thing about it.
The Lounge Sad Songs Say So Much Oct 16 2007
15:42 (UTC)
Probably only Canadians will get this, but almost anything by Stan Rogers: Make and Break Harbour, The Jeannie C, Harris and the Mare

The World I Know - Collective Soul

My City of Ruins, Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen

Kathy's Song - Paul Simon
The Lounge Feel like answering a random questionnaire? :oD Oct 09 2007
15:42 (UTC)
1. What's something you've seen or done you wish you could get out of your mind?  I let my mouth run away with me and said something that came out wrong and really hurt somebody.

2. If you had one day to live over again, what day would you pick? Why? I would kiss him instead of turning away.

3. What adult, other than your parent(s), would you turn to if you needed help? Why? I have a large support network, but I would go to my husband first.

4. Do you have any musical ability? If so, what do you enjoy about it? If not, what skill would you love to learn? I sing and play piano. I enjoy being useful (it comes in handy more than you'd think)

5. What's your favorite Web site? Why? because it makes me smile

6. Have you ever built anything? What was it? How did you feel when you finished? I've built lots of things, but I'm most proud of my cats' playhouse.  I felt like a big nerd because I spent days on something that would only be enjoyed by furballs.

7. When and what have you collected during your life? When I was little I accidentally started collected heart-shaped boxes.  Later it was turtles.

8, If your house was on fire and you could choose only one thing to save (besides family members and pets), what would it be? Why? My purse, because it has everything in it.

9. Have you ever seen a falling star? Did you make a wish? What was it? Yes, yes, and I don't remember.

10. Which do you like better-sunrise or sunset? Why? Sunrises make me feel like I've gotten the jump on the day.

11. What's your favorite part of a newspaper? Why? The classifieds, because they make me laugh

12. Have you ever received an award for anything? If so, what was it, and how did it feel to get it?  I won lots of medals in music competitions, and I could never stop smiling when I got gold.

13. Do you belong to any clubs? Why or why not? Not at the moment, I don't like the responsibility

14. Are your grandparents still living? If so, what do you like best about them? If not, what's your favorite memory of them? My grandfather on one side, and both on the other.  My grandfather helped raise me and we have a very special bond.

15. Let's say you were sent to live on a space station for three months and you were allowed to bring only three personal items with vou-what would they be? Ipod, laptop (with lots of novels and comics and movies, etc.), and a resistance band for exercise.
Fitness Never been to the gym! Oct 02 2007
17:08 (UTC)
Hey, I was in the same boat in university, and I wish I had taken advantage of the gym while I was there!  I just felt so intimidated with all the football guys in there all the time.  The year I graduated I started going all the time, and I got hooked!  My recommendations:

Try a bunch of different times, some are busier than others (depending on class schedules, etc.).  Pick a time that seems to have the best vibe for you.

Get a routine.  Don't go in blindly doing excercises, as you could do yourself harm.  Form is essential to effectiveness at the gym.  Look into a session with a trainer, or maybe ask someone who looks like they know what they're doing. Sometimes a gym buddy can end up being a big inspiration!

Start slow, start small.  Don't do too much all at once, or you'll burn out.  Do what you are comfortable doing, and as you get more familiar with what you are capable of, push yourself to do more exercises, repititions, or weights.

Treat yourself to some awesome (and flattering) workout clothes.  If you feel good in what you're wearing you'll work harder and be more comfortable.

Remember, people aren't there to look at you.  They are preoccupied with themselves (you will notice most of them keep their eyes on the mirrors).  Just do your thing and don't worry about what they think.  Having an mp3 player or something to take your attention can help filter things out.

I hope this helps!
The Lounge Ex trouble. I need advice. Oct 02 2007
13:09 (UTC)
I second that!
The Lounge Nova Scotia? Oct 01 2007
14:27 (UTC)
I'm from New Brunswick, and I went to Acadia University, so that's close enough, right?
Health & Support Rebuilding My Metabolism Sep 28 2007
12:20 (UTC)
Hey katopong,

With the "chub gain" I realized that it was a combination of things. I actually measured and I think my fat was being redistributed, because my arms, legs, and upper torso were actually getting smaller!  It's true that it leveled out after a few weeks.  I also realized what a help a healthy posture can be.  I know, I know, it sounds rediculously old-fashioned, but when you have proper posture, everything does look better, and actually changes for the better.  It may sound nuts, but I think it may have something to do with the way you sit or stand making fat deposit in the easiest areas to access.  Good posture also makes cardio and weight training more effective.  In any case, it took about a month of trying to figure out what my body was saying and how I should be eating but everything is starting to go back into place.  Oh, and I have an appointment with a dietician coming up, and I am so excited to actually talk to a professional so I know for sure if I'm on the right track!

It sounds like you have a really healthy, smart attitude about this, and are of the "getting healthy" mindset rather than the "weightloss" mindset that everybody seems so obsessed over.  kudos!
Health & Support Rebuilding My Metabolism Sep 27 2007
13:33 (UTC)
katopong, I have really been enjoying reading your posts as well.  I have a very similar story too, although thankfully my unhealthy starvation didn't last several years.  I found the hardest thing to overcome was my attitude toward food.  Because I couldn't have it, I was fixated on it.  That is a really big obstacle.  Like you, I would deny myself and have a binge on the weekends, but because I was "cheating" I "cheated" to excess even though I wasn't craving those foods because I thought to myself "Well, you better eat it today, because come Monday you won't be allowed".  Agh!  I can't believe how easy it was to fall into that trap.  I have always considered myself to be intelligent, well-informed and in control of myself.  It was a humbling experience to say the least.  When I stopped being so obsessed I also gained weight back only in my stomach and thighs.  It is really hard to have to put away those skinny jeans for a while!
The Lounge Are we promiscuous? Sep 26 2007
15:59 (UTC)
I am consistently shocked and surprised by our attitudes toward sex.  How sheltered and prudish I must seem.  I am 26, and am very liberal-minded in almost all respects, but I still believe that unless you love the person you are sleeping with, it is wrong.  I don't think that the idea of being a slut figures into it, it's just that it is such a personal thing.  People who are doing it with someone they just met, barely know, or have no real connection with, whether a man or a woman, lose my respect.  Not because I think they are "going to hell" or something, just because I think it is just plain a bad idea - it shows poor judgment and lack or relationship skills.  I think it says a lot about our culture of instant gratification that people need to have the ultimate experience right away and often.  No wonder we are so bored.  Everything is disposable and nothing is sacred or special.
Foods Does soy milk make you fat? Sep 24 2007
16:01 (UTC)
Actually, a nutritionist recently told me that if you eat/drink alot of soy (and she said it has to be a LOT), it can actually affect you hormonally.  There is something in soy that behaves similarly to estrogen.  This can affect your weight if you already have a hormonal imbalance or are sensitive to small changes.
The Lounge Quirky Pets and their little habbits. Sep 24 2007
12:36 (UTC)
My cat Hero is declawed (not by me, I think that's cruel.  She's an SPCA cat), and is really demanding.  At night she likes to lie on my chest or in the crook of my arm, so if I'm lying on my side she comes up behind me and pokes me with her paws until I roll over.  It feels like a human finger she pokes so hard. 

My other cat likes to wake me up in the morning by placing his paw on my mouth and just ever so slightly unsheathing his claws.  Just enough to give me a jolt.
The Lounge Splenda? Sep 21 2007
15:45 (UTC)
After trying to cut out anything with a sweet flavour altogether, I caved and was at one point putting Splenda in absolutely everything.  I was confused when I started feeling hungrier all the time and was having terrible cravings constantly.  I just assumed my metabolism was speeding up and upped my intake accordingly, only to fall off the wagon entirely and binge back up 7 lbs.  I then looked into it and read that Splenda actually increases carb cravings (among other things).  I now use Stevia, which, while not great in everything (it has a definite flavor), has no known side effects.
The Lounge is anybody else scared of jazz? Jul 18 2007
12:22 (UTC)
Here is another more straightforward t/very_low_frequency.htm
The Lounge is anybody else scared of jazz? Jul 18 2007
12:18 (UTC)
I found this article that explains it, but it's a little techy and complex. rauma_thesis/index.htm

Here is a quote:

Any severe extreme imposed on the sonic environment has a profoundly destabilizing effect on the individual. This becomes evident in both the areas of high intensity acoustic energy and also its complete absence. Anechoic chambers, which create an environment void of sound, have the ability to produce similar feelings of disorientation and disturbance that are evident with high intensity sound. The silence envelops the individual in a suffocating manner causing both psychological trauma and also physiological disturbance in the form of balance and other related body function.
The Lounge is anybody else scared of jazz? Jul 17 2007
23:07 (UTC)
ooh ooh I know this one!  Some frequencies of sound actually can have a physical effect on people.  So what you are experiencing has a very real scientific explanation.  A lot of places that are reputed to be haunted are actually being bombarded with extremely low-frequency sound (usually from outside sources such as subways) and that is what give people the "willies".  The army has been doing experimentation with low frequency sound to actually effec the loosening of the bowels that you describe as a crowd control tactic.
The Lounge What kind of work do you do? Jul 13 2007
17:47 (UTC)
hahah well, not data so much, but documents and historical records.  Records analysts deal more with data.  I basically live "National Treasure" every day.  Minus all the action bits.
The Lounge What kind of work do you do? Jul 13 2007
17:40 (UTC)
I am an archivist.  5 points to anyone who knows what that is.
The Lounge Stressed out about my Living Situation (it's long) Jul 13 2007
17:25 (UTC)
Hey plm, you asked for brutal honesty so I hope I'm not too harsh when I say that maybe you come off as needy?  Before I got my self esteem in check I know I was really a downer to be around because I was always like "guys, you like me, right?  guys, what are you up to?"  It wasn't so much what I would ask, but how I would ask it that would make people just want to be away from me.  Now that I have more perspective I find myself reacting to needy people the same way I was treated (which is terrible, but we often hate the things in others that we see in ourselves).  I would say that in regards to your friends you should just take a couple of steps back, take stock, and try to figure out where you get your own self-worth from.  If it is from feedback from others or being invited places by your friends, then maybe you have some things to work on before you can have a comfortable roommate relationship.
The Lounge Pet Peeves Jul 04 2007
13:51 (UTC)
1.People who dress their little girls all in pink and accessorize every part of their lives with it. Pink headphones? Really?
2.People who canā??t spell and have poor grammar and donā??t know it/donā??t care/flaunt it.
3.Pursuant above, signs that display spelling/grammatical errors.
5.The sense of entitlement that everyone seems to have these days.
6.Call-in radio shows
7.Broken bottles on the ground. It ruins the prospect of bare footedness and makes dog walking less fun.
8.Pursuant above, litter/people who litter.
9.Drunk driving
10.Bad drivers in general (especially ones that donā??t know it and think itā??s everyone else thatā??s the problem)
11.Disrespectful children and the parents that allow it.
12.People refusing to learn from their mistakes.
13.Gay jokes (especially the subtextual ones ā?? guy wakes up beside another guy in bed. Gasp! Shock! Hilarity!)
14.Feeling obligated to tip even when the service is bad.
15.Reality TV
16.Atheists trying to convert other people. I mean, doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of being an atheist?