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Weight Loss Burning calories 100 at a time... Apr 09 2007
00:10 (UTC)
lol that list is amazing!

Weight Loss do you ever feel ... Apr 08 2007
21:56 (UTC)
i feel like that all the time. it sucks. when i eat something good i feel fantastic but when i eat crappy foods i avoid the mirror.
Weight Loss anyone lost weight over easter!?!?!? Apr 08 2007
21:53 (UTC)
i maintained but yet again.. i didnt do anything different. no real easter for me its just another day! lol
Weight Loss Belly Fat Apr 08 2007
15:11 (UTC)
alayney... I definently think sugars bloat me like no other. I went through a week when I was bloated like a baloon and I realized it all started when I went out to eat w/ my sister. I had a mini binge w/ her... had a lot of candy... a few cookies and a huge brownie. My body retained water like no other... but its gone now. I usually don't have that problem... my sugar intake is always pretty low except for the slip ups. Sugar kills me more than sodium!
Foods i'm jealous of you all w/ easter candy! Apr 08 2007
15:04 (UTC)
haha sadly no. my cabinets are kinda bare. I've even ran out of oatmeal and I usually keep that stocked miles high (i am obsessed w/ oatmeal haha) I have to make due till pay day fridaY!
Weight Loss Anything wrong with 3 meals/day? Apr 08 2007
15:02 (UTC)
i personally eat three meals a day. I'm maintaining now but when I was dieting... i still ate three meals a day. it really helps me feel full. w/ the 5-6 meals a day thing... i was never full and i always wanted to eat more. it didn't work well w/ me

Weight Loss Successful in my drunkeness Apr 07 2007
15:30 (UTC)
A good thing I did last night was keep in mind that I thought I looked good. (I was feeling really thin and lovin it last night) and I knew I'd feel a lil icky if I went and ate my roomies pizza in the fridge! ha! I also kept in mind how triumphant I would feel in the morning... and sure enough... I feel great!

It's a great feeling to finally feel like I have control over my eating and my weight once and for all after so many years of dieting and a mixture of eating disorders.  Oh how it feels to be 'normal' again! :)
Weight Loss how do you stop yourself from drunk eating!!! Apr 06 2007
02:20 (UTC)
haha yeah i think i'll try the water thing.  i'm working before so i have my break right around 7ish so that'll be the last time i eat.  I think i'm going to go and buy some gum and keep it in my back pocket so i chew that instead!
Weight Loss Mid-Morning Snacks Apr 05 2007
14:55 (UTC)
bananas and yogurt! :)
Weight Loss Not able to eat enough? Apr 05 2007
14:53 (UTC)
I'm not sure if it will effect your weight negatively but I have the same problem sometimes. I'm maintaining though and when I finally forced myself to maintain (1700 ish calories on my inactive days) I found myself not hungry when I still had about 500 more calories to eat. It was strange and I was almost afraid I'd stretch my stomach if I ate more. I think of the strangest things.... but I always end up eating something healthy, but high calorie if I am down a few pounds. I find that peanut butter and banana sandwiches are pretty high in healthy calories and it doesn't make me feel like I eat a massive amount of food! Just try really dense calories to get them up. Dried fruit is always delicious as well! Or some sort of meal mixed w/ avacado or any type of nuts.
Weight Loss should i eat maintainence even if the scale is high? Apr 01 2007
14:59 (UTC)
i doubt its muscle. i have yet to work out these past two weeks. i've been sick. i was thinking water weight. i always weigh myself in the mornings. do you think i could have been eating to little of calories or something as well? i just wanted my weight to linger and it shot up... its impossible to gain weight the way i've eaten. I don't understand. Its really getting me down.
Weight Loss Really hungry in the morning Mar 31 2007
15:19 (UTC)
i'm always hungry in the morning. my breakfast is usually the biggest meal of my day. i get right up out of bed and i get tunnel vision straight to the kitchen. i allllways either eat eggbeaters w/ an english muffin... or some oatmeal w/ pancakes or waffles. (the microwave kind... i can't make those myself! haha) it helps me feel energized the whole day
Weight Loss up another pound!! Mar 30 2007
16:39 (UTC)
yeah the weird thing is that i never ever ever watch my sodium so i donno why it would be such a big difference now. Saddens me! :(

yeah the daily weighing is killing me too! the scale is my mortal enemy right now!
Weight Loss up another pound!! Mar 30 2007
16:02 (UTC)
it is extremely discouraging. Just sticking to my guns and waiting this out. it has to be water weight... there is no way I even gained a pound darn it all!
Weight Loss Ouch the sodium! Mar 30 2007
15:59 (UTC)
i actually eat a HUUGE amount of those english muffins! they are awesome!
Weight Loss Ouch the sodium! Mar 30 2007
15:43 (UTC)
thank you all!! anyone have any cheap low sodium food ideas? I'm in college... and quite poor. I live with my room mate in an apartment so i can do the shopping
Weight Loss up another pound!! Mar 30 2007
15:30 (UTC)
i was thinking that. i did a mini binge 2 days ago... could it be from that? i probably ate about 700 above maintainence... (i ate out w/ my sister... then ate a lotta desert! oops! :D)

could that still be effecting me now?
Weight Loss up another pound!! Mar 30 2007
14:55 (UTC)
no chance i'm pregnant. the 1250 calories are good foods. my days are always A's and I did not exercise. I'm at the end of a cold and still have a cough so exercise is a bit hard
Weight Loss up another pound!! Mar 30 2007
14:51 (UTC)
oh yeah forgot to say that i'm bloated about 5 pounds now when it is not humanly possible (according to calorie intake) that I even gained a half a pound. why is my body doing this?!