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Entry on May 25 2007 21:26
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Entry on May 07 2007 21:21
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Journal I'm ballooning outward! Ahhhhhhh!
Entry on Apr 23 2007 22:46
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Journal Help me win a $10,000 scholarship!
Entry on Apr 22 2007 22:27
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Journal Wow, almost a year
Entry on Apr 18 2007 21:40
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YALE 2011!!!!!!
Height: 5'6"
Current weight: 126
Goals: 8 minute mile, become stronger, more toned and athletic, skinnier thighs
--tummy: 31.5-32"
--natural waist: 27"
--hips: 36.5"
--Thighs: 22"
GOAL MEASUREMENTS: (what I was last year)
--tummy: 29"
--natural waist: 25.5"
--hips: 34.75"
--thigh: 20.75"-21"

Life Goals:

One day, I will publish a novel.

I will be fluent in Elvish (Quenya and Sildarin), French, and Chinese; I will learn some substantial Italian, Latin or ancient Greek, and Welsh.

I will design a clothing line one day. I will write a 5-movement piece of music.

I will learn to shoot a bow-and-arrow accurately, and a pistol.

I will be a great dancer, and an awesome cook. Sometime, I will become trained as a bartender and work making drinks for a part-time job.

I will always be young, because I will always be active. I will continue to engage my mind by learning new things, by studying new languages and new sciences, by reading and keeping up with current events, by voting and being an informed citizen and an active part of my community, by delighting in puzzles and challenging my brain, by keeping my body active with dance classes and recreational sport, by keeping up with current trends in culture such as fashion and music.

music: metal, new age/folk, almost all forms of rock except punk, film scores, classical
books: fantasy, medieval, mythology (especially Greek!)
intelligent people
contemplative discussions and philosophical debates
Gothic art
world travel
(sad movies and the melancholy)

Interests 6: dancing, fantasy, music, piano, reading, writing
Groups (none listed)

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