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Motivation HI Im new! Mar 29 2007
17:50 (UTC)
Keep up the good work! And the beginning of an exercise routine is the most exciting, anyways -- you progress so quickly! I mean doubling 5 pushups to 10 will happen a lot quicker than doubling 50 to 100! Haha.

Do you have a group to work out with? I don't know what it's like in other countries, but in the U.S. if you aren't in shape, your recruiter will whip you into shape. In fact, he/she will drive to your job/house, find you, and MAKE you come work out. Mine did that to me and I couldn't sit up in bed for a week because my abs were SO SORE. But once I'd recovered I could miraculously do 40 sit-ups at once with no problem. :D
Motivation My Husband is Not Supportive Mar 29 2007
17:41 (UTC)
I have a similar problem! I'm 21 and 184 pounds and my husband doesn't really agree with me actively trying to lose weight. He's perfectly okay with switching to healthy eating (it's gotten him to shed pounds pretty effortlessly in the last month, but it doesn't help me too much). But my insistence on working out 5 to 6 days a week is what causes the problem. He feels like it detracts from our time together, so maybe you shoould see if something like that is the problem? And I've had to learn not to talk about weight loss. It's on my mind most of the time but he doesn't really want to hear about it much beyond my weekly "I lost x amount!" exclamations, with the inevitable "That's nice, dear" response.
Motivation Texans Unite! Mar 28 2007
03:34 (UTC)
Man, I never realized just how much fatter us Texans are than the rest of the country until I finally moved away a few months ago...

In Dallas I felt pretty normal at 185 and 5'9"... now I live in Chicago and it feels like everyone is so skinny compared to me! :P
Motivation HI Im new! Mar 27 2007
15:28 (UTC)
Just remember to take baby steps! At first I could barely do one real push-up! :( Consistency is key -- if you can only do one push-up, do that one push-up every night, then do ten more "girl" push-ups to build up your strength.

Chicago is great, but I think you have the better deal. I spent close to a week in Munich last year, long past the time I was supposed to move on to Vienna, because of all the delicious weiss beer and the excellent english-language bookstores...
Motivation HI Im new! Mar 27 2007
05:08 (UTC)
Kereth -- getting rid of the pounds makes passing the test much easier! I'm not sure what yours involves, but for me running and push-ups and flexed arm hangs are getting soooo much easier as I lose weight.

And yeah, we have the walking poles, but I'm a firm believer in running, running, and more running. :) My running scores and sit-up scores make up for my minimally-passing upper body strength scores. But every time I lose a pound, it gets easier! Very motivating.

Keep us updated on your progress!
Motivation HI Im new! Mar 25 2007
04:18 (UTC)
Welcome! I'm here for the same reason, as it turns out - I need to drop 11 more pounds (I've already lost 9 in 3 weeks) to join the Marine Corps Reserves. I can pass the fitness test, I'm just too fat :(.

Good luck!
Weight Loss I need advice from heavier women in retail Mar 23 2007
04:06 (UTC)
For you feet, I'd recommend some birkenstocks or something similar if you can get away with it -- I used to work 12 hour shifts on cement floors and those saved my life!

For your back, maybe work on your core? Try crunches for your abs and supermans (where you lay on your stomach and raise your arms and feet) for your back.
Weight Loss does anyone have trouble reaching their goal caloric intake? Mar 22 2007
02:52 (UTC)
Really and truly, I believe in doing what your body tells you to do... (not your mind... my mind tells me to eat half a pizza sometimes, which I definitely ignore!) Some days I'm just not that hungry, so I go with it. I just make sure to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner no matter what.

But unless you have an ED or you're consistently coming in under your calorie goals for the day, I feel like you should listen to your body. Not listening to our bodies is what got a lot of us to gain weight in the first place!
Fitness college student looking for time to exercise Mar 21 2007
23:15 (UTC)
I work and go to school full-time, so I feel your pain! I find that running is one of the best exercises if you're busy... no travel time to and from the gym, you just put on your shoes and go! I change into running clothes right before I leave work, go for a 30 to 45 minute run, then head home and take a shower and eat some dinner. It has the added benefit of making me feel SO much less drained when I get home after a long day of classes and work.
Weight Loss your...SUCCESS info Mar 21 2007
22:59 (UTC)
age: 21 height: 5'9" date started cc: March 4 2007 starting weight: 193 current weight: 184 goal weight: 150 daily caloric intake: 1300-1700 exercise: 1 hr elliptical + calisthenics 3x a week, run 2-5 miles + calisthenics 3x a week.
Motivation My Fast Food Weakness is... Mar 21 2007
15:19 (UTC)
Whataburgers... mmmm.

I solved this one by moving to a city with no Whataburger! Haha. But I still dream about them... :(
Motivation So excited!!! Mar 21 2007
15:15 (UTC)
Weight Loss Has anyone done this successfully? Mar 20 2007
21:13 (UTC)
I don't believe in calorie-counting, really. It just makes me hungrier when I think about how little I'm "allowed" for the rest of the day, haha.

I've counted calories (without much weight-loss success) long enough to be able to eyeball things, so I try to fill up on veggies, make good food choices, and of course exercise. I've been doing that for over two weeks, and I'm down to 185 from 193... so yeah, it can work!

I'd suggest eating a big lunch and a small dinner -- in my experience it's easier to eat a big healthy lunch and come home from work/class not feeling too hungry than to come home starving and want to gorge on peanut butter sandwiches or frozen pizza or whatever.

Also, setting a specific cut-off time at night for eating helps. I don't let myself eat after 8pm, no matter how hungry I get... I just fill up on water.
Foods What did YOU eat today? Mar 16 2007
03:00 (UTC)
breakfast: colossal berry crunch with skim milk... mmmmm.

lunch: water packed tuna, pear, baby carrots, low-fat ranch dressing

dinner: pizza (ok, i blame my husband for this one... we have pizza night every thursday with grey's anatomy :D)
Weight Loss Freshman Fifteen.....let's hear your horror stories! Mar 15 2007
16:09 (UTC)
I lost 35 pounds my first semester of college... I was on the "poor college student" diet, haha. We didn't have the unlimited food dining halls... but plenty of free food (and reeeally bad stuff, too) most weekends at dorm events. Most people I know gained a ton of weight that first year -- my boyfriend back then gained 40+ pounds!
Weight Loss 1900 calories and weight loss? Mar 13 2007
03:02 (UTC)
Maybe try eating more protein to help stay full -- fruit and veggies only fill me up for like an hour, and then I'm hungry again! I've started trying A small packet of tuna is only 90 calories and it helps stop the hunger for me.

Also, you might try varying up the number of calories you eat each day. If I eat exactly 1450 calories a day (which I used to do), I don't lose much weight. Now I try to stay between 1200 and 1700 calories, whatever it takes to keep me from feeling hungry that day. I make sure my average for the week is still about 1450 per day though. Since I've been doing that, the weight has started falling off again. Just an idea!
Motivation How would you destroy you scale? Mar 12 2007
00:00 (UTC)
Drag it out into a field and go "office space" on it...
Motivation Progress pics.... Mar 11 2007
15:05 (UTC)
Congrats! Keep up the good work, it's definitely paying off.

Very motivating.
Motivation How! Mar 11 2007
01:15 (UTC)
I find that having very concrete, set-in-stone goal dates helps enormously. Of course I give myself a reasonable enough amount of time to complete them, but I don't accept failure. So far I've lost more than thirty pounds that way... most recently I made myself lose 10 pounds before going backpacking in Europe so that I wouldn't be lugging around so much fat in addition to everything else.

My current goal is to meet weight standards for the military reserves (I have 14 pounds to go), but I already have other goals lined up... I probably spend more time than is healthy worry about meeting my goals, but it seems to work for me (and it gives me something to think about when I'm bored at work and want so badly to munch on something!)