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Weight Gain water retention Oct 27 2008
21:29 (UTC)

hi guys, went to my doctor, gota have a blood test tomorrow, he said about not enough protien like you said gilly. what foods are high in protien?


Weight Gain water retention Oct 27 2008
11:58 (UTC)

thank you

im going to the doctors today, as i cant stand it anymore, my legs just feel so horrible, they hurt and its uncomfy, ive gained weight since yesterday, and i havent eaten anymore calories then any other day, its making me feel terrible, and i wana cut back on the calories again, i feel so fat.


Weight Gain water retention Oct 27 2008
09:42 (UTC)

hi guys thanks for ur replys, anwsers to q, i never add salt to my food, im very careful bout salt intake, i drink lots, i go for walks every day, im sleeping better, ive not had my period for 6 months, its not just bloating, my legs r the worse, i can press on my legs with my finger and it leaves a dent and it stays there for ages over an hour, only time its ok is if im lying down with my legs up.


Weight Gain addvice please Oct 21 2008
23:59 (UTC)

thank you for your replys, that has deff helped me, thanks,

Weight Gain feeling like rubbish Oct 21 2008
11:07 (UTC)

thank you for your replys, im going to see my nurse today, im still feeling very low and want to cut back on the calories, i dont want to gain anymore weight, i only had 900 calories yesterday, and want to stick to 1000 calories aday, i just feel like ive gained way too quick, i feel so fat, i have enjoyed eating, but im so scared i wont be able to stop eating and i will get really fat again, i used to be a size 16, then i did weight watchers just to lose a bit, i wanted to be a size 12, i dont really know why i did it cause i was happy, i like food, i really enjoyed going out and eating and eating what i liked and not worrying about it, but all the ed thoughts are coming back, im scared that if i put on anymore weight no one will like me, and my family will feel ashamed of me, my head is driving me mad, i just dont know what to do.


Weight Gain Food of the Day Oct 15 2008
18:23 (UTC)

fav taste now let me see, prob has to be the tuna and mayo sandwich i had at the weekend, 1st one ive tryed in months, chocoalate and popcorn, what was i thinking not eating these for all them months

ed= ice cream, ben and jerrys cookie dough is the best so far


Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Oct 05 2008
10:21 (UTC)

hi guys, wow so busy since i was last on, well done on going for an indian thats so cool you must be so happy with urself, im going out next weekend with my mum and stepdad for a meal, will be the 1st time going to a resturant and im nervous, just gota pick where i want to go, any ideas?,

went to the park again yesterday my god it was cold, still not feeling well my thoart is so sore, and my head still hurts. yesterday i ate a massive fear food, i ate rabbit and i have to say its very nice, i made a soup with it, having it for my dinner again tonight. here what i had yesterday


B= porridge

L=one slice of bread with sliced egg white, tiny bit of mayo and a salad

D=rabbit and veg soup (very yummy)

Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Oct 02 2008
22:25 (UTC)

hi guys. not my best 2 days, im feeling very scared, i know ive put on weight think about 5lb and i really wish i didnt, ive got my weigh in on tuesday and im so scared. up untill yesterday i was doing ok eating more calories and feeling better, and more possitive, but yesterday things went wrong again, i only ate 500 calories yesterday and so far today ive had 500 calories again, the ed thoughts are coming back, i so want to eat normal foods, the foods i crave, but i cant and its pissing me off, i made myself have porridge and a slice of toast with jam on it this morning then i took the dog out for 40 minute walk, i felt terrible after, still feel bad now, but i couldnt stop myself. i want to eat but im scared. also im not feeling well tonight ive got a headache sore thoart and feel yucky, my arm is hurting after having blood test yesterday, its all bruised and swollen. tomorrow i have to go to the cafe with my mum for lunch and im dreading it, saturday we are going to take the kids to the park again to feed the ducks and stuff and we always take a picnic, i usally just have a salad but this week my mum wants me to have a sandwich like everyone else, arghhhh. anyway enough of my moaning, heres waht i ate today.

B= porridge, slice of brown bread toasted with low cal jam

L= half plane jacket pot with salad

D= veggies


Health & Support You know you're a recovering anorexic when... Oct 01 2008
11:08 (UTC)

i think its good, and it made me laugh for the 1st time in ages, so thank you

Weight Gain I'm cured Oct 01 2008
11:06 (UTC)

congrats, well done im so happy for you, you have done brill. i feel like im finally getting somewhere, some days are harder then others, but i do have 1 or 2 days aweek now when i can eat more and not feel bad, ive set myself a no calorie count on saturdays, im just going to eat what i want when i want and not count and not feel bad, i did it on saturday and it felt good, when i started to feel bad bout the calories i just kept repeating to myself that food is medicine its good for you, your kids need you, that helped.


Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Sep 30 2008
22:00 (UTC)

hi guys, my god this board has been busy while ive not been on for a day or two.

anyway i told you that the hospital rang me on saturday, about my blood results for blood sugar, they wanted me to go up there right away but i couldnt as i was not of town, was told to have a fruit juice and go to the doctor 1st thing monday, anyway i did as i was told, doctor sent me up the hospital today to have a glosuse tests, but you have to book appointments for that and the nearest one they could give me is 22nd oct, 3 weeks tomorrow!, anyway i rang the doctor and she sending me for a blood sugar level blood test tomorrow and see what it comes back at, if its still low shes going to get on to them, get me tested sooner. last night i was very bad with it, i felt awful, never felt that bad before, and dont want to feel that bad again, told my doctor how bad i felt and she told me if i feel like that again to go straight to the a&e, not to hang around, also my calcuim levels have dropped again, i had an op last year and they removed 2 calcuim glands, so im on calcuim pills all the time, i was taking 4 aday but they have been upped to 5 aday now. my sugar levels are ok as long as i dont eat anything sweet, like biscuits chocolate things like that, so im not eating them anymore which is so hard as i crave sweet things, god i need help with that. anyway enough of me going on, heres my food plan for today.

B= didnt have any cause i thought i was having a glosuse test and cant eat for 12 hours.

L= big bowl of carrot and corrinda soup and slice of wholemeal bread 250 cals

S=3 carrot sticks

D=half a roast beef dinner with veg 200

S= not sure

Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Sep 28 2008
11:22 (UTC)

hi guys, went out yesterday, up the park with the kids, but didnt feel weel felt very shaky and not with it so my mum made me sit in the shade and got me a sweet tea, any way i had had my breaky and couldnt understand why, then it all came clear i got a phone call from the hospital bout my blood tests i had on tfriday and my sugar levels r well to low they wanted me to go up there but cause i was so far away he told me to go have a sweet drink right away and ive got to go docs st thing monday, my mum made me eat a w/w roll with ham salad too and quarter of a cake, then things went made i ate bout 2500 cals yesterday, when i went to bed i felt so ill and bloated, feel like crap today y stomach still hurts, but for the st time in months i felt like i was incontrol not ed, but now ive been told i mustnt eat sweet, cakes, chocolate or biscuits, any white flour. white rice only whole grain and whole wheat things, fruit and veg.

so here what i ate yeaterday



L= whole meal roll with ham and salad, no butter, quarter of a rainen cake with icing

S= quarter of choc milkshake, 1/3 of egg custurd tart, 5 crips, 3 bites of a yum yum cake, 8 biscuits

S= cup of tea with 8 bisciuts

D= half a pack of chippy chip, half a sausage in batter, slice of w/m bread. 3 bites of my daughter bacon beef burger with cheese burger

S= small bowl of toffee popcorn, 3 squares of chocolate, and 2 slices of w/m,  bread toasted with extra light spread, quarter of banana milkshake.

thing came to 2500 cals if u think thats wrong please tell me.

i feel like a very fat big pig now and dont want eat anything today, i feel terrible, feel very shattered and gross. and gota got to the cafe, i just dont know what to do, i dont want my breakfast, i feel like restriisting again, please help, please tell tell me i did the right thing. now cause of the low sugar levels im not to eatmost of what i did yesterday, altho i did enjoy it. also i went out at 11.15 in the morning yesterday got home at 7.30 and spent most of that time walking, then went for a hour walk before dinner, how many calories do u think that burned, and what should i do bout calorie total leave it as it is or take of walking calories burnt, i feel confussed and im in a panic.


Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Sep 26 2008
21:35 (UTC)

hi guys, went to the doctors this morning for my blood test they will be back next friday, i walked to the doctors then did a bit of shopping at the supermarket, had to go have a sit down and had 2 cups of earl grey, got very worried at one point, i felt so tired and weak, didnt think i was gona make it home, and i had to pick my daughter up from nursery at 11.30, i rang my mum got her to meet me at the school so i had someone to walk home with, dont really understand why i felt like that, i upped my cals last night and had my breaky this morning, i went to the cafe for lunch like i told my mum i would, i had jacket pot with beans and salad ate half of the pot and bout spoon full of beans, then went to the park it was such a lovely day, it was very warm, love the sun, had a good chat with my mum bout my fear of putting on weight which helped. taking the kids on the train tomorrow to a park to feed ducks, taking a pinic so that sould be fun i find feeding ducks very relaxing, then going to the market, might even buy myself a box of broken biscuits they r my fear but also my down fall, i find it hard to stop eating them when i start, not sure what to do buy them or not?, anyway foods so far

B= porridge 98 cals

L= half jacket pot, spoon full of beans, salad 250 cals i think

D= sausage and veg 168 cals

milk for the day 50 cals

566 cals so far, will have some more porridge before bed. really want something sweet tho like huge bar of chocolate.

Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Sep 25 2008
22:23 (UTC)

hi guys, well im having a bad day, last night i had 2 slices ofuncut bread toasted with extra light spread, then i had a slice with extra light spread and a packet of scampi and lemon crisps, made a sandwich with them, that uped my calories to 1000, and this morning i feel so fat and guilty, i hate feeling like this, i enjoyed eating it and went to bed happy but as soon as i wake up all the guilt hits me big time, wish that would stop, please stop, there is half of me thats wants to eat, and eat normal foods, but the other half of me is just so so scared of putting on weight, and im scared of how im going to feel when my clothes start to get tight. anyway went up town with my mum and aunt today, did a bit of shopping wasnt really in the mood but there u go, im staying at my mums tonight, not going home till monday, gota go to the cafe moro for lunch really not looking forward to it, dont know what to eat. food for today

B=porridge 98cals

L=2 slices of l/c bread 90 cals with a tiny bit of extra light philli 10 cals and salad 50 cals

S=one square of chocolate 30 cals

D= one low cal sausage 68 and veg 100

about 530 cals. dont know what else to have tho, any ideas?.


Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Sep 24 2008
22:20 (UTC)

hi guys, woke feeling very weak this morning and felt funny, think ive been over doing it with the walking, but i just cant seem to stop, i need someone to tie me down and stop me, my feet are so sore. i tried a bit of pancake yesterday, when my dad rang last night i told him as i was so pleased with myself, and he said whooooo whipp eeee, not in a good way he then said u need to eat the whole lot, not a bit thats not good enough, couldnt believe it, couldnt believe he said that, it made me feel like crap, but ive been strong and not let it bother me too much, i had a nice bowl of porridge last night before bed pushed my cals to 800, need more i know. tryed not to do any walking today but failed, didnt do quite as much as i normaly do but still had to do it, im not sure how im going to break this, ive been feeling very fat today, and horrible, hope i feel better tomorrow, i so want to beat this. went to the doctor today, because of my sore tounge, my over whelmin thirst and the fact that my toes keep going numb, she is doing some blood tests for sugar, full blood count and other things, she asked me if i could farst for 12 hours!!!!! i ask you is she mad? i told her no way, i was pleased with myself for that as only 2 weeks ago if she had said that i would have said yer no prob, give me a real reason not to eat then, so gave myself a pat on the back for that.

butter fly in the sky: im sorry you are feeling the way you are at the moment, i know how it feels, i quite other think about ending it all, then all this crap would be over, but i keep thinking of my kids and my family, what would they do if i did do that, then i think well they would be better off without me, which is stupid cause they love me, please try and talk to your mum, you need to tell someone how you are feeling so they can help you, i wish you all the luck in the world, and if u ever need to talk im here xxxxx

food for today

50 cals for milk for the day

B=porridge 98 cals, earl grey tea

L= half jacket pot with beans and salad 250 cals

D= veg, 1 sausage, i slice of bread 213 cals

total 611 cals, going to have porridge soon, maybe 150 cals worth,= 761, cant think of anything else to have, havent got much here, all my foods are at my mums, going there to stay for the weekend tomorrow, so will eat more.


Weight Gain After school snacks Sep 24 2008
21:47 (UTC)

i have porridge as a snack


Weight Gain Side effects? Sep 24 2008
21:46 (UTC)

went to the doctor today and she is doing some tests, checking my sugar levels, full blood count a few other things, hopefully fingers crossed they will come back ok, got to have them done on friday morning wont get results for a week tho, she asked me if i could farst for 12 hours before the blood test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ask you what the hell, told her no way, i have to eat breakfast no matter what. she also gave me some stuff that might help my sore tounge.


Weight Gain WASH OUT PHASE (originally posted my MEESHMEESH) Sep 23 2008
22:45 (UTC)

thank you for posting that, thats very helpfull.


Weight Gain Side effects? Sep 23 2008
22:39 (UTC)

i also have very veiny arms and legs, even have then sticking out on my stomach, everyone comments on them all the time, i have dry skin, mainly on my hands, but also every where, my knees go purple too, and i lose feeling in my toes sometimes, going to the doc about that tomorrow, also my mouth goes tingly and my teeth, also get a vry dry mouth and sore tounge, im always thirsty no matter how much i drink, i hate it, i said today that i was so thirsty that i could drink loo water lol ewwww how gross but i was that thirsty, one more thing all my glands in my whole body are up and stick out, i know this might be tmi and i will say sorry now, i havent told anyone this but my butt looks like an old persons its horrible. only thing ive found that is good that my hair doesnt get greesy.


Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Sep 23 2008
22:28 (UTC)

well had an ok day, walked to pick my daughter up from nursery, takes about 25 minutes there and back, not including waiting around for ages for them to let her out, i drove to tesco did some shopping, then walked in to town for a cup of tea brought my 2 daughters a milkshake each, one had bourbon and the other had treacle tart, i had 5 slips of them, and they are well yummy, another goal to aim for is to have one to myself, walked around the town did a bit of shopping, then went home, walked to the cafe had my usua boiled pots and peas, then i had a quarter of my daughters pancake, then walked home, pancake was lovely, but i guess all the walking around wore off the milkshake and pancake so not going to count them calories, then i walked down to sainsburys and asda trying to find something to have for my dinner, settled on roast beef dinner again, then walked to mcdonalds for a cup of tea then walked to my mums, so i did a lot of walking today, i was shattered by the time i got to my mums. im tucked up in bed now, im shattered. not going to do any walking tomorrow i need to break that.

food for today

B= apple and blueberry porridge made with milk 131 cals

L= boiled pots with peas 150 cals, quarter of a pancake,

S= hazelnut hot chocolate 33 cals

D=half a roast beef dinner with veg 200 cals

makes 564, not counting the cals in pancake cause of all the walking, im trying to think of a snack to have before bed, but dont know what to have, may have some biscuits, or a milkshake, not sure.