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Weight Loss What's going on? Slow metabolism?? Mar 08 2011
02:47 (UTC)

They called me about a year ago saying that in my check up it showed that I had hypothyroid and that they were going to do more testing. I got more tests done a couple months later and it said that I no longer had it. I was completely confused because I heard you can't just be cured of hypothyroid but I went on my way. He assured me I don't it anymore.

Weight Loss What's going on? Slow metabolism?? Mar 06 2011
17:55 (UTC)

I know 1237 is starvation, I just kept cutting until I saw any type of movement on the scale. I gave each enough time to adjust and normally (2 years ago) I would lose a lot of weight on 1,500-1,700 calories. So I'm just really confused at why nothing is budging. I have now gone back up to 1,500-1,600 because I saw that nothing was making me lose so I didn't want to starve for nothing.

I don't eat a lot of sodium, but I could drink more water, I doubt I'm getting enough water.

I do exercise, I go for walks, when I see friends we are mostly active. Just not what I would consider real exercise? I only really count anything that gets my heart rate up or a sweat.

I definitely don't eat anything with low fat in the name. I know that ups the sugar and I like the fullness I get from stuff with fat in it. I do eat breads, and cereal.

This was my yesterday's log:


Half a 100% whole wheat bagel (140), with one tbsp of whipped peanut butter(70), one medium banana(110) and 4 egg whites(63) cooked it a pat of butter(36).


1.5 cups of honey bunches of oats cereal(236), 3/4 cup of 2% milk(92), a cup of cucumber(20), 10 baby carrots(35), 1 cup of bell pepper(46), 2 celery stalks(13) with a container of Lighthouse regular ranch dip (2tbsp) (120).

-I'm not big on lunch, I try to keep it light because the egg whites make me feel full come lunch time.


Half a chicken breast(142), boneless skinless, cooked in a tsp of olive oil(40), with a side of baby red & yellow potatoes boiled(164).


I blended a fruit smoothie which consisted of:

1/2 cup apple juice(59)

1/2 cup pinapple juice(60)

1/4 a frozen banana(28)

4-5 frozen strawberries(20)

2 pieces of frozen pineapple(33)


When I calculated the calories it came up to 1,522 or close to that.

Foods BrEaKfAsT pOlL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 04 2010
17:51 (UTC)

I had 1 egg, 3 egg whites, with a piece of toast(butter) and vitamin water.

Foods Sugar vs. Sodium... both horrible, but which one really takes the prize of being the worse for your health? And why? Dec 11 2009
14:09 (UTC)

agruskin, obviously you are delusional. Get lost. :)

For everyone else, this has nothing to do with me. No I am not eating excessive sugar or salt, I eat a healthy amount. I am not asking for advice what so ever. This is suppose to be a fun debat/discussion about the health affects of sugar and sodium. It's funny because these topics are fun and do so well on other websites. But on CC it's seems everyone is such a tight ass. So nevermind. Thread closed, what a waste of time.

The Lounge Wii fit plus vs. EA active Nov 04 2009
04:20 (UTC)

Wii fit is good for getting toned and doing yoga/strengh exercises. Where as Wii Active is great for cardio and literally leaves you out of breath sweat dripping.

Weight Loss I wonder...calories/biggest loser Oct 24 2009
00:08 (UTC)

I read in a news article that they figure out their daily calorie limit by multiplying their weight by 6. So a 250lb person would eat 1500 calories. They also said the mininum they let a contestant eat is 1000 calories towards the ending of the show when some of the females weigh around 150lbs.

Foods Jugo Juice Protein Fruit Smoothies Oct 04 2009
16:41 (UTC)

They don't have the sugar content listed... which is weird.

Foods Benefiber, does your body actually use it like fiber from foods or is it a waste of money? Sep 28 2009
14:06 (UTC)

Okay people, you don't have to hassle me about my food choices. I was asking about benefiber. I get 4 servings of fruit and vegetables, and I'm not putting more in to take away from my other food categories. I'm not a health nut, just looking to improve. Key word being improve! Didn't anyone ever hear of baby steps. I went from eating junk food with no fibre, to gettting 20 grams of fibre a day... now, I infact think that's pretty good. I would just like to add more fibre, and was wondering if benefibre does the same thing as food fibre.

Foods Hunger Headaches... Sep 02 2009
13:17 (UTC)

This is why losing weight is so confusing for new comers, there are so many "do this, don't do that" that I never know which is right. Everyone has been hassling me about eating 6 small meals throughout the day instead of my 3 big ones. And whenever you read up on weight loss it says to eat 6 and that it will boost your metabolism.

Foods The best option to put on bread... Aug 20 2009
03:53 (UTC)

For all the 2tbsp remarks, I don't actually use that much... it's just the size that shows on the nutrition label, I was only using it to compare nutrients and how all three were close to the same amount of calories.

I will probably cut out the butter from now on, all the trans fats seems to give me the shivers just thinking about it.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Unfortunately I hate cheese or cream cheese's etc, so those options are out. I reallyyy like nutella though, it's almost like eating a toast cake. haha

and cassie_j, I don't know about other's but for bread I loveee the Ben's Smart 100% Whole Grain bread... it has a lot of nutrients in it, but it's slightly on the big side (slices). And for bagels I like the Dempster's 100% Whole Wheat... yummm! And full of fibre.

Weight Loss where do you usually lose weight first? Aug 15 2009
04:27 (UTC)

When I lose it comes out of my stomach first... but when I gain it goes to my boobs. So if I end up yoyo'ing... my body actually changes shapes. When I started I lost 30 pounds, then I gained 10 back. When I lost the weight it came out of my stomach and legs, then when I gained the 10 it went to my boobs and arms. Messed up if you ask me. lol

Weight Loss Does anyone else get like this? *sigh* it's so stupid :/ Aug 12 2009
19:24 (UTC)

I was like this but worse when I was counting calories. I would freak out to the point of going way over my calories just for comfort... and in return probably gained more weight than not even counting calories at all. It made me realise that counting calories wasn't for me, so I went back to Weight Watchers. The whole idea of points is just so much easier for me. I don't panic with points because it's not such a big number. They are simple numbers and when I hear that an apple is one point versus 80 calories I don't feel like I am using up as much. It's just all mental. I use calorie count to calculate my WW points. Works great for me.

Oh and thanks Jon! I agree with everyone else, that is the most brilliant idea I've ever heard!!! I can't believe none of us thought about it like that before. It's one of those ideas that blows your mind yet it's so simple. lol

Weight Loss Do you vacation from your diet on vacation? Aug 12 2009
19:09 (UTC)

I never stick to my diet on vacation, but I atleast try to keep my portions normal. I went to Hawaii for two weeks in the winter and gained 5lbs. It's fine as long as you can get back on track right when you get home. For me I found out the hard way that going off my diet makes it 10x harder to get back on. But I also don't think a vacation is a vacation unless you splurge and enjoy all the good stuff. I'd rather gain 5lbs and have the best memories than remember my vacation as trying to avoid temptation the entire time.

Foods Fiber foods, not starches... Aug 12 2009
18:31 (UTC)

Yeah I was just about to say, 3 medium figs are 120 calories with 4 grams of fibre, and one medium granny smith apple is 80 calories with 5 grams of fibre. Apples win. :D

Weight Loss what is the craziest diet you have ever been on? Aug 10 2009
18:55 (UTC)

I've done a million crazy diets, but I'd have to say the one that almost killed me would top it out at number one. It landed me in the emergency room after 5 days because I was eating sooo little. I think I had like 2 banana's and some strawberries a day. That is pain I wouldn't wish on anybody! My mom put me on that diet when I was maybe 13... it's the all you can eat fruits and vegetables diet, but I didn't like fruits or vegetables so her plan failed. She thought I'd get so hungry I'd actually eat more fruits and vegetables. *rolls eyes* lol

Weight Loss Weight Watchers? Jul 30 2009
19:35 (UTC)

It works extremely well for me. I've tried all the diets out there and WW was the only one that worked for me. It's the same principle as CC but most people who succeed at WW and not at counting calories is because of the points. I found that when I was counting calories I would freak out and beat myself up if I went over my calories by lets say 100, just because it seems like so much more when you say 100 calories, instead of going over by like 2 points. Also, I am a repetitive eater, meaning I have my favorite foods and eat them often, which I find easier on WW because it's easier to know that a cup of grapes is 1 point instead of trying to remember that it's 60 calories? 80 calories? See, I can't even remember the calories. Trying to remember calories for everything is very hard when I'm in a rush. If I grab a cup of grapes I automatically know they are 1 point. I also find it easier to add 'points' versus 'calories'... they are simple numbers, where as sometimes with calories I have to remember I ate 268 calories, plus 43 calories, plus 146 calories. The points system is just way easier for me and... kind of fun. lol I like using the points calculator to figure out how many points things are. Some people find it a hassle though. Not me. lol

I don't pay for the program or do the weekly weigh ins. I just bought the tools, I usually only use the points book and points calculator... usually only the calculator for food labels, I use the points book for fruits, vegetables and meat that don't have nutrition labels. I just throw them in my purse and have my information anywhere, instead of having to find a computer.

WW can be too few calories though so you have to watch out and make sure you are eating plenty of the low point foods. One of the good things I realised the other day about WW is that you never eat the same amount of calories, you are always doing the zigzag in calories which helps with plateauing. I also save my 35 extra points and go out to a restaurant once a week, that gives me a high calorie day that usually stops me from ever plateauing.

I guess it's all about preference though. Everyone on CC seems to prefer counting calories, and everyone I know on WW just loves it. My mom, my boyfriend and I have been doing WW every time we find ourselves gaining weight. Works like charm. I usually lose 10-20lbs, then go off of it and maintain for a while. If I start gaining I get back on it. Gaining is my fault though, not WW. I am a pig when I want to be. lol

Maintaining Food pushers...dundundun!!! Jul 26 2009
00:23 (UTC)

"of course, if I said I'm not dieting he would then say, "then why aren't you eating?" , or something like that..."

That's when you say "Not eating? Oh man I just ate an entire pizza before I came over, then finished off a tub of ice cream.", then be like "See, look at my protruding belly..." while you stick out your belly as far as it can go. lol It works for me, and at the same time makes them smirk like they feel good about themselves that I ate more than them. But I didn't. Tongue out

Foods Increasing fiber without increasing volume Jul 25 2009
05:21 (UTC)

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the supplemented packaged foods, but I will say that mini wheats are full of fibre! and iron! I needed more fibre and iron in my diet, and this was pretty great. I think it's something like 6 grams of fibre per serving of mini wheats. Probably around 200 calories, but it's good for you and doesn't fill you up in volume. Plus with milk you'd get calcium.

Another thing I noticed was the "Smart" section of pasta's, which taste just like white pasta's, but I saw on the rotini box that for 2/3 cup of pasta it had 9 grams of fibre and 11 grams of protein. I was pretty impressed with that.

For a snack I like popcorn. It's full of fibre and you can have it without butter, etc. I find it to be very light in volume when I eat it. A little goes a long way with popcorn.

Motivation Buying clothes that are too small for you Jul 25 2009
04:42 (UTC)

If you don't need clothes and are just buying it for the sake of getting something new than I would wait until you get down to the size 12 before buying it, to make sure it looks good on you. Also, everytime I've purchased something in a size smaller it has jinxed my weight loss as well, I have too many sizes that are smaller than I am. If you need clothes at the moment I would buy the one that fits and then alter later.

Maintaining Food pushers...dundundun!!! Jul 25 2009
02:54 (UTC)

I have this one really bad pusher friend, she's gained over 50lbs in the past 2 years and eats like a maniac. She's always trying to get people to eat too so that they gain weight with her.

I know this sounds weird, but it seems to work like a charm for me... I tell her that I'm not dieting when secretly I am. She then thinks to herself "Oh good, not dieting = not losing weight/maybe gaining weight... well no need to make her eat." and so then she kind of lays off. I noticed this after a year of her trying to mess up my dieting. Everytime she heard that I was dieting she would try and force me to go to the most fattiest place to eat and then try and get me to eat ice cream and huge amounts of food. Eventually I noticed that when I wasn't dieting, she never tried to force me. Funny how some people will do anything to make other people suffer with them. lol Now I just pretend like I'm never dieting, it really does work. I just lie and say something like "omg, I just ate like an entire pizza, I am stuffed, no food for me."