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The Lounge World of Warcraft Feb 16 2011
00:52 (UTC)

I became addicted to WoW when I was laid off, and I miss it so much. 

Esp with cata coming out, oh, the temptation!

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
18:55 (UTC)

so yeah, bbiab - gathering my stuff then hopefully getting this all done at home. lol

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
18:55 (UTC)

alright, being sent home to work because of the 'mold issue.'

re pure's question:

we had a flood last year during a bad storm and it resulted in mold beneath the wallpaper and carpets in the reception area... so my office now smells like a musty basement and they're dragging their feet (landlord) on fixing it.

it's been mooooonths of this nonsense now and my boss and I are tired from feeling sick all the time.

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
17:50 (UTC)

I used to have a stamp collection and would steal any and all international stamps when dad got letters for the church from missionaries. 

Man, I was so crazy about those damn stamps.

That's really cool that you're making your own mugs now!  Just makes your collection that much more unique.  ;)

Okay, I need to eat lunch.  Starving + smell of mold / headache = time to retreat.

Back in a bitttt.

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
17:39 (UTC)

Yup!  I just started, because I got one and then was like, "Hey, these are nifty!"  I have a random assortment of coffee mugs to begin with, but then I got started with the most recent Starbucks ones ( Collector-Coffee/dp/B004BDN0H2/ref=sr_1_6?s=h ome-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1297791507& ;sr=1-6) and well, am trying to slowly find ways to get a variety of them. 

I've determined it just means I need to travel the world, hubby thinks it's more realistic to pick them up as I travel, yes, but ask others to watch for them when they travel.  So I have the possiblity of one from London, one from Jamaica and one from the Phillipines, as of today.  lmao

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
17:31 (UTC)


The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
17:29 (UTC)

I've never been to California before, but it's on my must-see list.  :)

And they have SO many different Starbucks mugs for California - Orange County, San Fran, etc...

...I could like, quadruple my collection so easily!

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
17:26 (UTC)

LOL!  We all have our slips, right pure?  ;)

Tonight's a no-alcohol night for me. Need to run for sure!

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
17:25 (UTC)

I do like my wine, won't lie.  We bought a case back around Christmas and more than half of it is gone... but we did gift a few bottles to people... but we also have consumed more bottles that were not in that case.

So I still stand at I do like my wine.  lmao. 

Run more, drink less.  This is my... goal. 

Foods Foods that make you go to the bathroom Feb 15 2011
17:23 (UTC)

I was having issues returning to regular when I first changed my diet around - counting calories and such. I had increased fiber and water, but I think my body was so used to just chucking fat and grease that it was in shock.  ;)

I added 2 prunes a day for about two weeks, made sure I ate more than enough fiber and water, and if it got bad, a little shot of espresso.

My body regulated itself pretty readily and as long as I eat what I should, I'm back to normal!

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
17:20 (UTC)

aw yay dovey!

how to train your dragon?

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
17:14 (UTC)

rub toothpaste on your face and you ingest only half the calories, rox. ;)

The Lounge Family Secrets Feb 15 2011
17:13 (UTC)

I'm sorry you're feeling this way, but if someone who is especially close to you is involved, it may just be that they're not in a position to tell anyone else what is going on with their family.

As others said, when I was younger my family would protect me from unnecessary stress by following a need-to-know and sometimes things still come out that I have no idea, because nobody thought to follow-up and put me up to speed later.  But most of these things don't matter anymore - as in things leading up to a divorce, etc, so it's forgiveable. 

My mother and father know secrets about my blood relatives that they do not tell us.  She's close to her sisters, and when they have trouble with their children they might go to her and though we're aware that something is going on, my mother refuses to tell us what's happening because she was asked not to do so; and though it involves my blood relatives and concerns me, I don't argue because I respect that she's respecting her own siblings' wishes.

My in-laws do keep me in the loop, for the most part, but if they don't, I don't take offense to it.  Usually I find out later anyway, and there always is a reason for the secrecy.  Some families function differently than others and aren't open about things.  Either way, I think patience and understanding is necessary.  After all, you don't know what's going on and I'm sure that this relative, who you said has been very close in the past, will give you details as they're necessary to be spoken.

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
17:02 (UTC)
Original Post by buggyhair:

Original Post by kallie67:

I've had bad/crazy and good/sane bosses of both sexes so I can neither completely agree nor disagree with said statement.

Me, too. The older you are, the more styles of management, abuses of employees, and ranges of sexual harassment you'll see.

Valid point.

I've had 3 jobs (skipping over college part-time gigs because most days you never saw your boss anyway) in the "real world." 

Job 1 I had 3 white female supervisors, and all of them were catty and bitchy about one another behind their backs, tried to drag me into their BS and were just outright psychotic.

Job 2 featured Middle Eastern male boss, who believed that women have no brain and thus he had to do all thinking for me.  Getting laid off sucked, but having him vanish from my life was great.

My 4 supervisors here are a white female, two white males and a Filipino male.  I get along well with all of them and 3 of the 4 are competent at supervising.

But compared to other people I know - here and all over - my experiences are still pretty limited since I'm basically just a child. /: lmao

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
16:48 (UTC)
Original Post by caverlady:

Original Post by caloricat:

I want to start a thread asking why female bosses are comlpletely insane...but that's like just dropping a drama firecracker in a pool of gasoline.

 As much as I hate to admit it, I have only had one female supervisor that I would consider a good boss.  At the risk of offending my fellow women most of them seemed to be pretty much insane.

^ agreed.

Though I also had a Middle Eastern male boss who treated all women like objects without brains, so yeah.

My current boss is the only boss I've liked.

eta//  current boss is a white female, all my others have been as well, except for the aforementioned male boss.  lmao

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
16:28 (UTC)

oh man.  that was a wonderfully terrible typo.

though I guess that though he was Turkish, he was also a turkey.  he basically just wanted a green card out of her.  /:

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
16:25 (UTC)

-dies laughing-

Oh. My. God.

I fail.

Turkish.  TURKISH.  TURKISH boyfriend.

-is LOLing so hard irl-

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
16:24 (UTC)

hi KG!

um, that is amazing, buggy. where the heck do you find something like that?!

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
16:20 (UTC)
Original Post by roxysparkles:

Original Post by xfruitbat:

what's buggy's f0rn for the day?  ;)

My dad got C nutcracker boxers for Christmas one year... when we were dating.. I was mortified.

zomg. That's a total win. LOL

He was all -chuckle chuckle- enjoy those, son.

Funnier though, he also had gotten them for my sister's Turkey boyfriend, who didn't get the joke so he was all confused...

The Lounge 2/15 - National Gum Drop Day Feb 15 2011
16:19 (UTC)
Original Post by caverlady:

I agree about V-Day being overblown and all that, but it would have been nice if DH and son had refrained from arguing over the dinner table thus ruining my apetite despite my several requests to change the subject.


Aww.  Yeah, that's not fair - that's unpleasant on any occasion, especially when you ask them to stop more than once.  /:  I'm so sorry.