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Weight Loss Wierd?? Craving for food Jun 30 2007
16:02 (UTC)
13 pringles is not a lot of food!! I doubt you gained 4 pounds of fat from 13 pringles--those things are high in salt so you're probably just retaining water. Unless you really have been overeating for like a few weeks it's sort of unlikely you just put on 4 pounds of fat.
Foods chocolate or no chocolate Jun 30 2007
08:05 (UTC)
Yes I also love chocolate too much and I usually have a little every day. You can try doing what I do. I drink Swiss Miss sugar free hot chocolate (from Walmart) with boiling water and a tiny bit of skim milk. That pretty much satisfies my chocolate cravings. If that won't do then go for chocolate I buy from the health food store the proceeds go to saving endangered species...half the bar is 160 cals and it's high in antioxidants. We can all budget 160 cals into our caloric "allowance" ..I do!! :)

Oh and red_herring suggested dried fruit, nuts or chocolate milk?!Dried fruits and nuts? what's the point??! If you want the nutritional benefits then eat the fruit in it's raw form-it is way lower in cals and you get all the nutrients that way..and how exactly would eating dried fruits and nuts help with a chocolate craving? Ummm it wouldn't! But it would help you get a whole lot of calories in without satisfying your chocolate craving!

Dried fruits and nuts actually contain MORE calories than just going for the chocolate you crave so you'd just wind up eating all those calories and still craving the chocolate anyways...that's no good! Oh and be very careful with things like chocolate milk ....always read the usually has MORE calories than a chocolate bar or just as many cals as full fat ice cream! In other words the stuff is like having a shake-- after discovering calorie counting I never drink chocolate milk any more.

Anyways hope the sugar free hot chocolate milk idea helps! If all else fails then just budget to have a chocolate bar once a week and you'll stop craving it because you'll know you can always have it  (in moderation of course!) :)
Foods calories in lentils?? This can't be right!! Jun 30 2007
00:17 (UTC)
Hey britishvixen!

I actually got the recipe from a cookbook I bought in a used bookstore while in London, England!

It's called "The Classic 1000 calorie-counted Recipes" by Carolyn Humphries.  6.99 British or 10.99 USA (that would be new) I only paid 2 pounds! It's really good because sometimes I get bored eating the same things so I find this book gives me some interesting ideas and variety in healthy foods. Lots of soup, salad and even dessert ideas all under 450 cals.

Try it out ...I think you'll enjoy it! :)
Foods OMG! This has a lot of calories! Hot Sauce! Jun 29 2007
03:29 (UTC)
Yes Yes of course i've had this happen to me so often and thank God I discovered calorie counting.

Shocked to find out the calories in peanut butter are 200 calories "per serving" which is only like 2 tablespoons!! (jaw dropped)...My jaw dropped because I used to eat it by the jar babeee!! Wow that was probably like a gazillon calories!!

Another for me was sunflower seeds ..tiny little seeds that pack about 200 cals per 1/4 cup...and I'd eat like 3- 4 cups "for a snack"

Another was nutella...ooooh say it isn't so...first the PB now the nutella at GASPS 200 cals per 2 tablespoons!? This is peanut butter all over again.

I was shocked at how high PB, nutella and sunflower seeds are because none of these things seem like they would be THAT high in cals and none of them are filling!! I mean why do we give the candy bars such a bad name for their "high calories" when 1/4 cup of darned sunflower seeds pack as many cals as a chocolate bar!

So now when I get the cravings for these things I stop and ask myself...would I go eat like 3 chocolate bars?? YES! I mean NO! So then don't eat like 6 tablespoons of PB or 1 cup of sunflower seeds EVER AGAIN!!
Foods calories in lentils?? This can't be right!! Jun 29 2007
03:18 (UTC)
Oh thank you all so much for all the help and Karenie you're right--I was confusing the calories between dry and cooked ...ooops!

Yeah it's about 230 calories for 1 cup of cooked lentils so I will be having a cup of lentils with my salad instead of that Hersheys bar! (though I'll probably have that for dessert teehee) :)

Yup Karenie already said ...according to CC and this other site I found.. the calories are actually 230 for a cup cooked .htm

and lentils are very healthy indeed! spice&dbid=52

Thanks again everyone!!! :)
Weight Loss For those that want to know how long does it take for excess calories to turn into fat stores Jun 26 2007
00:02 (UTC)
LMAO I didn't notice his teeth but now that you mention it...teehee!
Weight Loss For those that want to know how long does it take for excess calories to turn into fat stores Jun 25 2007
23:56 (UTC)
haha no problem!  I was really wondering how long before the damage I did to my diet last weekend will show on the scale...(half a bottle of white wine, vermont aged cheddar cheese ..ooh God like maybe about a cup of cubes worth *insert embarrassed* and this awesome French bread  (half the loaf! Or maybe more...can't remember) I know..I know.. my diet REALLY goes out the window once I have wine. Well I guess what's done is long done by now according to Katz.
Weight Loss I don't like the "I binged and lost weight" threads ...sorry but it's silly! Jun 22 2007
03:57 (UTC)
okay now I'm ready to bang my head on a wall. Nobody said that binging is a great way to lose weight. Gaaaawd I was referring to the countless threads that state they "binged then lost weight" I'm sure they are not saying binging is a weight loss strategy but they seem to think that eating more (people often call eating more binge eating) produced weight loss. Yes, they don't actually think binge eating made them lose weight but the day they ate too much made them somehow lose weight and yes they really believe that's what caused their weight loss...not all those days they were watching their cals but the day they went over their cals "the binge day" made them lose weight. ..and yes I'm very skeptical about this whole "I binged and lost" or "I ate more and lost weight" I'm skeptical is all.

Know what? Actually I won't explain this anymore...if people want to come in and skim posts for like 2 seconds and not comprehend what is even said and hit "reply" before thinking then go for it...I'm done! I'm done with people who just have poor comprehension..I just can't help you...I'd be spending ALL day trying to get you to understand and it's a waste of time because you still won't.

(Done ..(for now) I say "for now" because you know I never shut-up for long teehee! )

oh and btw United2gether yeah that's pretty much what I was saying...not complaining about "other threads" just trying to do a bit of myth busting..thank you!!! :)
Weight Loss Piece of Cake? Literally! Jun 22 2007
02:33 (UTC)
I don't know about a cheat day like all day but i'm sure some people do that too (in moderation). For me a cheat day would be kind of like what you did today. Eat clean all the time and then once a week have a piece of cake, or one large homemade cookie etc (only if I must). I certainly don't make a point of having a cheat day but sometimes if you really must have something you should just have it in moderation of course.
Weight Loss Piece of Cake? Literally! Jun 22 2007
02:27 (UTC)
okay relax it's one piece of cake and that will not hurt the diet and it doesn't make you a failure! It makes you human! Of course everyone cheats on their diet from time to time and some even plan  moderation cheat days once every week. Just don't do it all the time or everyday (which doesn't sound like a prob for you) and you will continue to lose weight.

Congrats on the weight loss already YAY...way to go!!!

Weight Loss Skinny Women! Jun 22 2007
02:22 (UTC)
awww no I can't say I feel like this because most people are the same. ..if we eat too much we gain and if we eat too little we lose. You don't know that your friend is skinny and can eat whatever and never works out because you're not with her 24 hrs and for all you know the times you see her pig out might be the only time she eats too much all month *shrug*

There are always people who are the EXCEPTION like the person who eats little and gains and the person who eats constantly and can't gain..they are the exception and not the rule. Most people who are skinny worked to get that way and some go too far :(.
Weight Loss For those who aren't THAT overweight Jun 22 2007
02:15 (UTC)
ooh yeah it sure does take longer to lose if you are not that overweight. Did you watch the movie Supersize Me? After he gained all the weight it was time to lose it and he lost a huge chuck of weight at first and it took him 6 months of very hard work to lose the last 10 pounds!! 6 months for 10 pounds!!
Weight Loss South Beach Diet; Yes or No? Jun 22 2007
02:09 (UTC)
juvarni it should work for you if you have hypothyroid!! People with hypothyroid can lose weight but they can't lose weight just by reducing cals only. They have to reduce carbs and watch their glycemic index too, same with people who have problems with insulin. See, South Beach is not only calorie reduced but it will keep your sugar levels from spiking causing huge amounts of insulin to be released. When insulin is released it means your body goes right to fat storing mode despite calorie reduction :(..that's no good! That's why people with hypothyroid have to be especially aunt has insulin issues and that is why she loved South was never a problem of will power with her she just simply couldn't find something she could stick to for life or something that addressed the insulin issue and once she found South Beach not only did she lose weight but she just feels better and looks great.

I can't wait to hear about your success story! :)

Weight Loss Does anyone really know the CORRECT answer to this? If you eat more than 400 in a meal then rest goes to fat?? Jun 22 2007
02:01 (UTC)
12're right! I mean it took me a long time to get in the habit of eating the way I do (2-3 large meals :(...i know ...i know) and I'm sure it will take time to learn the new habit of eating 5 mini meals. Okay this time I'll give it a try for more than 12 hours..haha.. Thanks!!
Weight Loss South Beach Diet; Yes or No? Jun 22 2007
01:57 (UTC)
I personally have never tried South Beach, but I do know people who had GREAT and I mean GREAT success with it. It is really effective and it does not omit out carbs completely like Atkins, however you will be reducing your carbs quite a bit and this is a very effective way to lose weight for people who have insulin resistence, hypothyroid, have a slow metabolism, or simply need a boost in weight loss due to very stubborn fat deposits. My aunt struggled with her weight since her teens and tried 100000s of diets always with the same result...she'd lose some and gain back more over time etc.

She went on South Beach and lost 45 pounds in 5 months and has kept it off for 3 years..this is a record for her!! She loves it and has been maintaining without probs for the first time ever. Now she does yoga 3 times a week and has really toned up and changed!!

I personally wouldn't do it myself as I love fruits and vegetables too much. I've done high protein/low carb type diets before and I just simply can't stick to that way of eating for more than 4 days (I only have 8 pounds to lose). I'm just eating raw foods and using the Volumtrics diet as I find it to be something I can easily stick to for life!

Best diet is the one you can stick with for life!

Weight Loss Does anyone really know the CORRECT answer to this? If you eat more than 400 in a meal then rest goes to fat?? Jun 22 2007
01:43 (UTC)
hummmm okay I'll keep that in mind, humorpam. Thanks for the makes sense! I'm one of those people who has a prob eating 5 small meals a day...I guess I'll try it tomorrow. Last time I tried it all I could do was think about food...and when my next "mini snack would be" maybe it will be different this time or maybe it takes practice, but I'll give it another try...we'll see :)
Weight Loss I don't like the "I binged and lost weight" threads ...sorry but it's silly! Jun 22 2007
01:39 (UTC)
jewlsmcblah all I mean by bingeing is the same thing most people on here mean--when they eat too much or go over their caloric allowance. I don't mean eating junk food or binge eating as in BED.  Anyways, many people say "I binged and lost weight" I don't think the people who start those threads actually binge eat or have a medical problem like BED.

Lysistrata...I don't see the point to your post. If you don't like a thread and you "don't see a point to it" then what is the point of posting in it to say that??!! If you think most people on here understand that calories out= weight loss then why are there so many threads on here about eating more/ binging and getting weight loss??!! Clearly, some people have some very strange ideas about what results in weight loss. Also I never said that people who have the compulsive behavior to binge can simply ban food as an only solution so don't try to put down my attempt at supporting another poster...whether I'm right or wrong is not the point--I'm clearly trying to be supportive in anyway I can or know how and at least that is more postive than your contribution to this thread.
Weight Loss I don't like the "I binged and lost weight" threads ...sorry but it's silly! Jun 21 2007
23:35 (UTC)
aww peaceloveandvolcom I know I don't have to see what you look like to know weight gain or not you are a beautiful person. I've read your posts before and you are doing great! I like your idea of keeping the treats to once a week. If you can't stop binging then ban the binge foods out of your house if at all possible...this is the only thing that worked for me and I know if that worked for me it will work for you too! I used to think I could never live without chocolate...banned it and now 5 months later I don't even crave it. We don't need to binge's not just about weight loss it's about treating your body better! :)
Weight Loss I don't like the "I binged and lost weight" threads ...sorry but it's silly! Jun 21 2007
23:30 (UTC)
jewelsmcblah if it's working for you then that's awesome and keep doing what you are doing *insert cheers* but and yes there is a BUT...I agree with alayney...the weight loss is mostly likey because of the wHOLE of what you are doing and not due to the days you ate more.

If the scientists and weight loss researchers know for 100% fact that you can't lose weight without creating a caloric deficit then maybe you would have lost even more weight if you ate less ...the only way to tell for sure is if you try that. If you lost weight despite the days when you ate more then that weight loss is most likely due to the days where you created a caloric deficit. ..(sorry don't shoot the messenger)...I'm just saying what I know based on all the research the nutritionist  have done on diets and weight loss---weight loss only only and only occurs when there are fewer cals coming in than there are going out...i'm afraid they haven't found a way around that one.
Weight Loss Alli-Has anyone tried it? Jun 21 2007
23:19 (UTC)
No and I'd never try it. Diet pills are not supposed to work...they seem like a bad idea because like who the heck knows what's really in them anyways. And this newest one you're all talking about is supposed to make you crap your pants LOLLOL!!! This new pill is like a bad bad joke.